NFU for Military Personals; SC Reserves Judgement

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Arguments of petitioner Col Mukul Deo & others, as presented by senior advocate Mr Sanjeev Sen and advocate Col Rajive Manglalik, for granting Non Functional Upgrade (NFU) to military personals and counter arguments of Govt of India were heard, whole day in court no 12 of Honorable SC. Honorable SC has reserved judgment in the case and is likely to announce it soon in coming days.

NFU, on recommendation of 7th Pay Commission was granted by Govt of India to all civil services officers denying it to military and CAPF personals.

Feeling aggrieved, CAPF personals took matter to court, wherein SC granted NFU to them.

Finding no justification for denial of NFU to Military personals, some officers of the army, took matter to court wherein after long delay in hearing finally arguments were closed today. Govt of India has been arguing against grant of NFU to military personals.

Disappointed with stand of denial from Govt of India and looking for justice from courts, serving and veteran military personals are hopeful of judgment in their favour.

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