Obsessed with proof

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India is a country that is obsessed with “Proof” but still fails miserably to prove anything. National Judicial Data Grid put the number of pending cases in all the courts around 3.3 Crores in 2018. These cases are pending for want of proof.

The deers or Chinkaras which were hunted down by some film stars in the State of Rajasthan are still waiting for justice for want of adequate proof. In the absence of proof, the courts will have no option but to declare their death a suicide.

The poor pavement dwellers that were run over by an imported car being driven by a film star are still waiting for justice for want of adequate proof. The poor courts will deliver justice to the film star and let him get away for want of adequate proof.

It is because of lack of proof that the famous son in law can multiply his wealth many times in an year and the government agencies cannot do anything. The government could muster no proof of his wrongdoings, for last five years and are now raking up the matter to fool the masses. He is their milch cow to be milked during the elections. No wonder they worship the cow so much.

The bankers of the country are busy granting loans to their near and dear ones with little regard for morality or law and the government or even the private bank cannot do anything as the proof is elusive. Banks are loaded with bad loans called Non Performing Assets and there is no proof of any corruption and no one is even looking for a proof. Even an illiterate villager knows that banks grant no loan without illegal gratification but nobody has any proof.

The Central government informed the Supreme Court in 2018 that 1765 MPs and MLAs are facing criminal charges and facing trials in 3045 cases. The total strength of law makers including MPs and MLAs in the country is 4896. So 36% (They are getting pass marks) of law makers are facing criminal trials. Most of them are confident of getting away and pronounced “Not Guilty” for lack of proof. Does any citizen of India believe that these worthies would ever change the Evidence Act so that proof against them can be easily found? They are all gaming the system and making the proof vanish into thin air or refuse to see the proof staring them in their eye. It is rightly called in English, “turning a blind eye.”

One of the best lawyers of Supreme Court who has also been the Law Minister of our country neither sees any loss nor any proof. He did not see any loss in the Coal Block Scam or the 2G scam. No wonder he cannot see any loss to Pakistan in the Air Strikes carried out by IAF last month. There was no proof good enough for him, to convince him of the scams of his government nor is any proof good enough to convince him that a blow has been dealt to Pakistan or JeM by the Air Strikes.

Today, on Women’s day, I decided, for a change, to do a good deed. I decided to have a bank account opened for the daughter of our maid servant. I took her along to three banks armed with money, her Aadhar Card and three copies of her photograph. Her mother had warned me, when I had broached the idea to have the bank account opened for her daughter, that it is not such an easy task. A number of proofs are required to even open a bank account. I told her that India has changed now and all the banks will be happy to open an account for her as she is only doing them a favour by lending them her money and letting them earn money by charging her for banking services and further by lending the money to their borrowers. To my utter surprise, the bankers refused to entertain us and open the Bank Account as she did not have a “Residence Proof.” She hails from the state of Madhya Pradesh, as mentioned on her Aadhar card but the bankers wanted a proof of residence in terms of an electricity bill, water supply bill, ration card, driving licence, Passport. It was beyond me to convince them that it is not possible for her to have these documents as “Proof of Residence.” It left me wondering what these banks did with the residence proof of Vijay Mallya or Nirav Modi. As we failed to provide the desired Proof the bankers declined to open an account for her. The bankers told me that the government even asks for a proof of existence from a living human being. If you have no documents you certainly do not exist for the government. In such a case you are neither alive nor dead. The bankers also boosted that we have been accorded the power by the government to verify proof of living of all retired government servants every year. If we don’t agree to the proof of anybody being alive he somehow vanishes from government records and his pension is stopped. Just see the irony, the Air Force Chief who is now ordering his men to bomb Pakistan will be standing in a queue next year giving a proof that he is still alive to get his pension.
So the nation cannot believe the proof of Air Strike provided by Air Chief as he will not be trusted to even certify himself to be alive next year.

In this obsession, only our neighbor has a record better than that of ours. Whatever proof India might furnish through various kinds of dossiers but these fail to provide adequate proof of involvement of Pakistani national in terrorists strike in India. I wonder whether India courts will also find such proof sufficient to decide a related court case.

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