Mamuni; A Love Story With A Terrorirst

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Mamuni was a young poor girl of 15 or 16 years with dreams to live her life full. She was killed by terrorists along with her ex terrorist husband when she was carrying baby. Their only fault was, they dared to dream to live a normal life with love.

Mamuni from Kako Pathar area of Tinsukia District of Assam, fell in love with a hard core terrorist Lalit Moran from ULFA, who used to frequent her village. Lalit Moran was young tough boy of 18-19 years of age from same area. Being from a farmer’s family of warrior tribe of Morans, he had natural passion for arms. He tried joining Indian army failing which, his passion for arms led him to ULFA. Being tough bold and daring, soon he became trusted hard core terrorist and was appointed body guard of ULFA Battalion Commander and also part of their special hit teams. This hard tough nut also had soft heart and fell in love with Mamuni.

Both deeply in love, started meeting each other frequently. As Lalit Moran was always on run due to army operations, Mamuni was always following him to support him with food, other supplies and information about army. Naturally her names reached army as suspected active supporter of terrorists. No one knew about their love story. Now army was on hunt for Mamuni too.

In one of the cordon and search operations, Mamuni was caught by a junior officer (JCO). For him it was a prized catch as she was on army’s hit list. She was brought to Commanding Officer of 5 MADRAS, who was located nearby coordinating operations. So young and innocent, commanding officer couldn’t believe of she being a terrorist or terrorist supporter. Her mother was called and commanding officer spoke to her with a fatherly touch (as she had no father) and asked her to keep away from terrorists. She was released with an assurance from commanding officer of all help if she keeps away from criminals.

Three months passed. One evening Mamuni called Commanding Officer on mobile and expressed her desire to surrender to army with her boy friend hard core terrorist Jeewan Moran, whom she loved the most. Her only request was that nothing shall happen to Jeewan Moran as she was scared that army will kill him. Mamuni told Commanding Officer (CO) that they love each other and want to lead a normal life and pleaded him to spare her lovers life. When asked, she told further that Jeewan Moran is with her and they both can be picked up if CO wants. To avoid any trap, CO asked both to come to nearby market in night. Both were picked up in civil van by army and brought to army camp.

And here was this well built young terrorist, standing in front of CO with his lover Mamuni. Deeply in love with Mamuni wanted to live a normal life with her. Mamuni was weeping and pleading to let them live a normal happy life. She was calling CO like her father. Humane touch is Indian Army’s strongest weapon in counter terror operations.

As per govt policy. hard core terrorist Jeewan Moran, deeply in love with Mamuni surrendered to 5 MADRAS.

This is not a rule. This is not a law. This is not a govt policy. Human factors play a big role in counter terror operations. CO and his unit took responsibility to support both. Marriage was arranged with unit support. Soldiers contributed to gift newly wed couples. Commanding Officer blessed Mamuni as her father.

Time passed. Mamuni and her husband settled in a village. Happy with dreams to lead normal loving life.

Sometimes life takes a twist when everything seems ok.

One day ULFA Terrorists barged into their house. First they shot dead Jeewan Moran in front of Mamuni and then pregnant Mamuni was shot at point blank range. All three, died on spot putting abrupt end to their lives. Terrorists killed love story of Mamuni.

Next day for people and media they were just a news. ULFA kills surrendered Militant and his wife.

But for CO whose fatherly touch had made Mamuni to bring her husband to surrender to live a loving life and who had arranged their marriage, it was big human loss and a deep war scar. Many soldiers carry such war scars. Numerous memories of human tragedy and love.

‘My Story’ is a section created by Fauji Reporter for soldiers and their families and those civilians who suffer due to insurgency and brutalities of terror to share their stories.

‘Love story of Mamuni and A Terrorist’ is first such story under the section as narrated by Col Ashok Kumar Singh; Veteran ex CO of 5 MADRAS.

You can also do it. You can write it yourself or can narrate for Fauji Reporter to write it for you. Let untold stories of human courage and humanity be known for next generations to learn from experiences.

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