Soldiers Live in Palatial Houses; Govt Tells Supreme Court – Causes Resentment Among Military Families

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Military Families are shocked of certain claims made by Govt in Supreme Court while defending its decision of not giving NFU to military officers.

While presenting counter arguments in SC to the case presented by petitioner Col Mukul Dev and others, Govt claimed that Govt gives lots of perks to officers, like palatial houses, Army Public Schools, CSD, free ration, military service pay and free travel passes and they do not deserve to be given NFU as given to civil services officers of the govt and CAPF officers. Govt also claimed in terms of average career salary including allowances military officers cost more to govt than civil services officers. However Govt counsel did not produce any comparative data of govt expenditure to substantiate his argument.

Such govt defence without presenting any data on govt expenditure has caused resentment, shock and amusement among military families.

On social media like twitter, military families reacted sharply on govt claims like ‘Palatial Houses”.

It is known fact that military housing has been inadequate and in bad shape for long time, Army Public Schools are run by Army Welfare Education Society in which govt has no role, CSD and similar facilities are also available to civil services in one form or other, free ration, MSP and free passes are military compulsions. Govt presenting argument without giving details as per compensation ethics as followed in HR profession and no cost details, raise doubt on govt intentions?

Military Families have reacted sharply also posting some pic how they stay in dirty bashas, accommodations under demolitions, temporary accommodation with two or more families or single officers sharing it at many stations. Some also claimed that Govt counsel using words like ‘Palatial Houses” is ‘nothing but a dirty humiliation of military families.

Some military veterans claimed that Govt stand of  military officers costing more are also not supported by details. Actually as per them, it is otherway round wherein military officers draw much lesser average career earnings than their counterparts in civil.

Instead of making a perception based statement with doubtful intentions in court conveying wrong message,  Govt must take a comprehensive approach to whole compensation structure of govt employees and all public servants including President and PMs and MLAs following best HR practices and professional ethics as followed worldwide, while first fixing guiding principles of compensation model before fixing salary grades. Let us not forget at time of independence, such principles were worked by govt when Sh Nehru was the Prime Minister. Govt must bring reasons for not following same rather than rubbing salt to wounds by using words like ‘Palatial Houses’.

It may be appreciated that, British model of Governance was based on Master & Slave model and there is no justification to continue with same in independent India and allow loot of public resources in name of salary component like NFU. Present four grade model with each having separate entry is basically a master slave model and is not followed in any democracy in world. This model is totally unprofessional and focuses more on controlling resources than providing services. It surely needs total re-structuring and that also includes that of military. Govt compensation packages than accordingly be structured based on principle of equal opportunity of promotion to all based on equal performance.

Govt compensation model must be connected with average income of Indians rather than just with inflation and review every 5 years. There is no point giving compensations like NFU to civil employees and denying same to military officers without any reason, if average income of Indians is not increasing with same pace. Present model has no justification to give 52 times salary to President of India than average income of Indians. It has no justification to give such liberal pay and pension to MPs and MLAs just for one tenure, whereas short services commission officers serving more than them are denied such compensations? Where is sense of justice? Let us not forget US President just draws 8-9 times salary than average income of US citizens.

Considering that govt has now made certain claims like ‘Palatial Houses being given to military officers’ in Supreme Court, it is now their responsibility to support it with comparative data and expenditure details on each services in terms of average career salary index, average career earnings and average life long earnings. These three are key parameters in addition to qualifications, experience, work profile and jobs risks, which form foundation of salary structure. Govt needs to work with sense of justice and must put rational behind its every decision.

Some portions of statements of Govt counsels are certainly humiliating, dirty and in bad taste and must be withdrawn with due apology.

74 thoughts on “Soldiers Live in Palatial Houses; Govt Tells Supreme Court – Causes Resentment Among Military Families

    1. Getting a house itself is very difficult,one has to wait for almost a year and house allotted is so shabby, floor broken,roof leaking and walls fill of seepage .Furniture has to be dumped in store yard.
      Kindly carry out inspection of houses allotted to Colonels and below.

      1. Senior officers who are so indignant of this episode should turn around and think hard
        Whenever you have accepted a “tootta phootta” accomodation for allotment to your junior or arm twisting by ADM commandant that either you take over this alloted house or loose station seniority
        Leave the inspections only to JCO and chose substandard ration or clothing on behalf of the men you command should have realised that it will finally come back to bite your own a** too someday
        Forgot Chetwode did you not?
        Lost spine strength to stand up and fight for others did you not?

        Also when you call civilian dignitaries for officers mess function
        Paint and hide under the carpet the cracks which your men suffer just to improve your chances of next rank or medal
        You yourself have lowered the Army standards
        Your commanders do not think beyond getting the next rank or medal and post retirement sinecure
        So why blame I AS and Other babu or politicians?

      2. All officers are getting the proper accomdation in Indian Army, If You want to see the mismanagment the plz see the house alloted to a OR/JCO who are the real back bone of Indian Army.

        1. Just because you are a JCO / OR or someone related to them doesn’t mean you should or can make incorrect statements about officers accommodations! You wouldn’t know what it’s like !

    2. The govt stand is totally false and malafide with intention to benefit the Babus‘(IAS/IFS/IPS & CG & now CAPF, since they hv been awarded by HSC)The Adv concern of Govt has not done application of mind and just presented the draft given to him by IAS lobby/ associations. A simple calculation of age factor alone will burst his arguments. A majority of Jawans retires at 35 -40yrs of age. Young AF is required to fight wars, a national necessity . No fault of his. Thereafter no re-employment except picking up Security job where he is exploited by the employing agencies. Now majority of officers retire early & start now from 54yrs.only maximum 5% of officers make it to Brig & above and Lt Gen and above is just 1%.(-).Total salary earned during the length of service is far less, as an addl minimum one pay commission is always added to CG pay with arrears.As regards benefits of housing, canteen, Officers Messes Free ration less said the better. As regards MSP and travel benefits it is essential due to peculiar service conditions such as hard life , risk to life and limbs and stress factors & health deterioration , seperation from families, change of climate from extreme High altitude, Siachen glaciers to Desert conditions caused by service conditions & National necessities to keep our boundaries secure from two front enemies threat by Land, Air & Sea.As regards housing the statement should be from very poor to fair as per rank authorisation.What the CG lobby talks of palatial houses, they are old written off bungalows of British era.In those days most bungalows were occupied by Sergeant ( Hav) and JCOs. It is requested that Hon’ble RM should visit unit lines and officers accommodation and see for herself, instead of false brief to Sr Adv by Babus. Many times one stays in one room or two rooms and at times No accommodation or rejected expiry accommodation risk to life.In any case most of the AF is deployed on the borders and live in bunkers & tin shed or Bashas. I challenge these critics to be our guest in glacier and spend few nights with us, eat free ration and tea in a mug then they will not give such poor brief to their lawyers to present in HSC.
      It is a purely a wrong practice by MOD to appeal against the order of AFT and demoralised own fighting arms.Nothing can be worst then this. It is like a psychological war being launched on us by enemy countries or being faught at their behest. Their is someone who is keen to destroy the high morale of our AF and needs to be checked. Adv ( Col) Ashok Leekha, 9958499996, Gurgaon 122009

  1. Palatial houses? What is context ? Do civil services officers live in shanties? If they do so …then AFs officers live in slums comparatively. Some reporters may do well to find out the quantifiable area of house in which an average babu stays and other facilities provided as percusits to him. The babus try to behave like noveau richs while the AFs spend their lives in cantonments with a military ethos this making it look palatial to babus ….ha ha …or maybe they don’t even count the houses given to officers up to the rank of Colonels worth comparing….

    1. It is shame on government counsel to have made such derogatory comments in supreme court.Is this the stand of MOD.There is no family station in India where an officer does not have to wait for family accommodation ranging from six months to a year.Till then his family have to stay in make shift accommodation or fend for him self.
      The flat authorised is a two bhk/ Three 3bhk house till brigadier .So where is the palatial house.
      The Def minster should clear her stand on behalf of government.

  2. If there are so many free perks and these are so lucrative, please ask these learned govt counsel or bureaucrats to send their sons to come and serve in some places in Northern Kashmir, Eastern Ladakh, Manipur, Mizoram, Arunachal, Western Rajasthan and many such peace stations where families stay in two room sets worse than servant houses.

    1. If the statement of Govt counsel is true, then why don’t the wards of govt civil servants join forces.
      I have been staying with family, small kids, in converted family accommodation in garage and reappropriated accommodation of jcos family quarters.
      I wish these were Palacious Houses.
      Shame on MOD to make such derogatory remarks without any evidence.

  3. The government is creating lot of disgust amongst military. It is taking advantage of our principled silence for granted. May be, families sharing accommodation and pathetic condition of walls n ceilings are to be shown. It is our bad as well, as true hosts, whenever these bureaucrats visit, we roll red carpets.. stop that n show the ACTUALS. It is high time, we show them the real conditions…

  4. Yes, the lawyers wanted to tell about the palatial buildings/ houses means most dirtiest and shallow small houses.A field officer and above is entitled 100 percent accommodation where as one has to wait his entire peace tennure to get a house.very sad state of affairs. Mere Bharat mahan.

  5. Such claim can only b made someone with inferiority complex that defence personnel get more respect than any other profession ! That even today inspite of all efforts since the 4th pay commission to downgrade and degrade the defence personnel in each pay commission they request instead of demanding

  6. After my marriage I spent many years separated from family. There was acute shortage of separated family accomodation and for a small filthy 2 bed room flat also one had to wait for months. Posted in a peace station I had to wait for months for entitled flat . During the waiting period we stayed in make shift accomodation , old delapidated huts , bashas etc. These babus can be so shameless and mislead the courts

  7. Its shameful.. an affront to a soldier s dignity.
    The defence is the one profession in the world where they give up their VERY LIFE to protect the nation.

    Shame on the Govt

    .instead of cherishing the Armed Forces personnel .according them respect n treating them with dignity ,they come up with baseless ,inexcusable arguments like this WITHOUT ANY CONCRETE evidence..
    HOW can bureaucrats sitting in their ac offices..enjoying plush comforts..get away with , putting the armed forces down like this??
    Send the bureaucrats n political leaders to the Line of Control..
    let them give up their lives ..
    n then we will talk…

    Shameful conscienceless conduct on their part…

  8. 1/3rd of the armed forces are all most deployed in front areas where housing is not even thought of. Only modified shelters are provided as living homes. The main fault of defence forces is when they look after the visiting dignitaries (VIPs) in a way as if there is no problem in forward areas. The civil servants accompanying them feel heavenly treatment and convey to the political bosses in a similar manner.

  9. We have lived in tin roof top houses. They are called bashas. Ask these govt counsels to stay in them, feel them for preaches, elephant attacks, hailstorm noise etc and then make such comments.unfortunate and sickening to hear such irresponsible and arrogant unverified statements from respectable govt counsels. Probably we in uniform were wrong defending these govt counsels who happen to be shameless children of the country we fought for.

  10. Sad to know how this government is treating its soldiers… As a responsible citizen we need to support our armed forces..

      1. Rightly said. The present Govt thinks that these defense personnel are corrupt and earn a lot by all dirty means the way the other govt servants do.
        It’s really humiliating and disrespect. They had taken AF for granted. It’s high time.
        Something concrete must be done to clear the stand.

  11. How low can the Govt stoop?! I can only request the RM, who is supposed to look after our welfare, to remain, if nothing else, neutral and complete her term without subjecting such a fine organisation to any further humiliation and structural damage! I have no doubt in my mind that if there is one organisation in our country which every citizen can bank on for never letting him/ her down in the gravest of calamities it is the Indian Armed Forces. If the Govt spokesman is not convinced, I ask him to please come to our ‘palatial’ homes and spend some time with us sipping some ‘free’ ration tea….in Misamari, Zakhama, Lachen….and get those persons also who helped concoct your argument! You will then comprehend our worth!

  12. A very degrading statement made by legal representative of MOD to humiliate and undermine the morale of the armed forces. The apex court must ask for elaboration ,explanation and justification for such thoughtless arguments without realising the implications of the same on serving soldiers and veterans .It is a shame on the MOD and their legal representatives!

  13. Shameless and shameful conduct of the MoD babus in pushing such shallow baseless arguments. In their quest for nonsensical superiority they do reduce the finest service in India to a shambles. Please proceed at your own peril. The concept of existence of nation will be at stake. Rogues as politicians and corrupt Babus are undermining the pillars of our constitution and thereby democracy itself. The frightening part is that they have also tried to to remove the role of the armed forces in protecting our constitution in time of crisis from these very Charlatans when they cross boundaries and put the existence of India enshrined in the founding document. It’s then that the judiciary and the armed force are supposed to take over the reins and impose a caretaker government till fair elections can be held.
    With the current state of affairs, we are close to being a subjugated people with government and bureaucracy in cahoots with business and maybe even the judiciary.
    Real trouble beckons as the enemies of this great nation are sharpening their knives and dreaming of our dismemberment. I can only hope and pray that our astute to leadership wakes up to the lies and takes stern action against such anti nationals

  14. Yes if you feel we live in palatial houses and rock then all civil services servants are invited to join the forces for a initial period of 5 years only on compulsory infantry attachment…you guys can also rock and when you go back you can thank the IA for the high standards of living and certain other cozy comforts you feel we are blessed with. But do your attachment with a pinch of salt so that atleast you are actually able to go back … 😉

  15. So sad that a government council making such arrangements. Unfortunately our army top brass is keeping quiet. Those who have served in armed forces know that this is utter lie. I have served for 32 long years in army. Out of these 32 years I have been able stay with my family only for about 5 years in a permanent accommodation which is a two bedroom flat. Rest of my married life I have spent in a temporary accommodation of two rooms or living separately from my wife. Where I had to make arrangements paying on my own. My daughter had to change her school twelve times when she was in 12th class. All of her schooling was in central school or some local school.
    You call palatial house to a two bedroom flat ? That too for 5 years out of 26 years of married life I spent in Army. Shame on our government and defence ministry who are required to fight for our rights.
    95 percent of army officers retire at the age of 54 and below. Even a class 4 employee in central government retires at 60 years. Earning much more than a fauzi earns.
    This shameless IAS lobby can go to any extent to malign the Armed forces. Unfortunately the Ministers play in their hands.
    The government is playing with the honour and life of the Armed forces personnel.

    1. Senior officers who are so indignant of this episode should turn around and think hard
      Whenever you have accepted a “tootta phootta” accomodation for allotment to your junior or arm twisting by ADM commandant that either you take over this alloted house or loose station seniority
      Leave the inspections only to JCO and chose substandard ration or clothing on behalf of the men you command should have realised that it will finally come back to bite your own a** too someday
      Forgot Chetwode did you not?
      Lost spine strength to stand up and fight for others did you not?

      Also when you call civilian dignitaries for officers mess function
      Paint and hide under the carpet the cracks which your men suffer just to improve your chances of next rank or medal
      You yourself have lowered the Army standards
      Your commanders do not think beyond getting the next rank or medal and post retirement sinecure
      So why blame I AS and Other babu or politicians?

  16. If the Politicians and Civil Services Officers truly feel so, then we should be having more officers from their kith and kin! Where as the fact is absolutely contrary, conduct a survey as to how many Officers has Indian Armed Forces had who were from families of Politicians and Civil Servants!
    Of Course there are Army Officers who have either retired or taken premature retirement to enter the most LUCRATIVE job of a Politician case in point VK Singh ( who went to court against Army, and of course the Honourable shooter Rajya Vardhan Rathore ! Huh

    P.S. Former Army Chief tried for a seat in Legislature 🙁

  17. It is a total apathy of our political dispensation. They use Armed Forces for seeking votes. In order to amass huge political funding, it is the beaurocrats whose help is needed; hence they have to look after each other. In what way Armed Forces can be of any help in conduct of massive political rallies or other political activities? Just sweet … .., so why should we expect govt to do anything for us. You have joined to die for the country for which you are entitled to good coffins, tiranga jhanda, wreath, and salute which our civilian counterparts are not, so be happy with these.

  18. I hope these Govt babus were victims of Pulwama ………..generations of govt officials would have changed their thought process after that .

  19. Well… everyone in MoD talked about malai which AF offrs are enjoying…then now let us Equate the hardship vis a vis comfort civilian gets…

    1. How many times their children have changed schools? If not reason thereof.

    2. How many times IAS offrs wives have to resort to med emergency but there is no competent med facilities available in that city especially when staying away from Delhi.

    3. How many times IAS officers children have to change their friends because they compulsorily have to shift their place of residence.

    4. How many times IAS officers have to look for essential services like servicing of their vehicles and other such minute work which cannot be done due to non availability of service center in their city.

    5. How many times IAS officers and their families have to abandon their move towards city from their place of residence due to public transport not available.

    6. How many times he has to change his mobile number as it’s not working due to network/ network operator/ pre paid or post paid constraints.

    7. How many times they have to change their bank account due to non availability of branch.

    And the list continues….

    Sitting in Delhi and yapping is ok only when you have faced such situation and come out successfully or else accept that AF offrs are facing more hardship. If you have got guts to spell out perks in front of judiciary then it should be a complete list comprising of benefits in terms of cash, kind, emotional, social and other allied services or else this list be considered incomplete and such incomplete arguments be considered as garbage.

  20. When everything fails,fall back on army (Defence Services).
    They will resolve any issue, the voters, the public knows it by their experience for getting live saving help as they sacrifice lives to save the lives. The arguments produced by paid lawyers themselves will ask for FAUJI’s help only.

  21. The govt is hell bent to humiliate the armed forces by making such claims.Last four years have seen intentional and systematic downgrading .Last joke has been played on SS officers by extending conditional ECHS cover to such retirees.Let us hope the Court come es to our rescue FROM DEPARTMENT OF EX-SERVICEMAN WELFARE OBSTRUCTION.AAMEEN.

  22. The armed forces have an acute shortage of married accommodation. It is well established that the “waiting period” for scaled accommodation more often than not exceeds the station tenure.
    The military promotion pyramid is structurally so steep that less than 1% are ever entitled to a Type VII or VIII housing that the bureaucrats are talking about. Conversely they have concealed the opulent colonies created by them for their own use in National Capital. Not to mention far more palatial bonglows that they enjoy in Tier Ii cities. They also retain 2 accomodations in the name of deputations.
    Its a sad expression on behalf of the GoI and reeks of degradation of the Govts approach to its soldiers if they have not stooped so low as to questioning Food, Shelter & Clothing – base of Maslow’s theory of hierarchical needs.
    One had faith that the courts will not be swayed by these felicitous and distracting contentions of the babus and NFU would be granted in toto to Armed forces – at par with other govt servants.

  23. I have completed 33+ years if military service. I want to submit how the armed forces facing problems for so called palatial houses. Civilians from the day if joining entitled HRA which is marginally higher than the expenditure incurred where as armed forces officer is not given HRA till he get married. So at an average all Offrs are denied HRA at an average of 05 years on the line. Married accommodation allocated to Armed Forces are 99% have already passed their shelf life and befitted for demolition but they have to continue in this houses as no other alternative arrangements are there thus saving a large amt of state budget. At an average all India waiting list for allotment of married accommodation is 6-9 months. This period these people are stay with family not like a human being. Rent and allied charges paid by armed forces are 62% higher than the civilian. Rennovation of houses on allotment for armed forces is just welcome white wash that too on the blessing of B grade civilian Offr and for others one can see the difference. Due to field posting families compel to stay in separate accommodation alone with children in a downgraded married accommodation. At an average 57% Offrs are in field during their carrier of service. Average Mess bill for Offrs are approx 1350/- pm for getting just services. Nothing is free. CSD facilities is pathetic. Last products of the company is stamped for only Defence Services. By using CSD one family can only save 300-400 rupees per month. Armed Forces hardly compare their parks and privilages but when at first time requesting for legitimate due and the reasons refusing is really something Armed Forces should note down. I hereby personally certified that every time I born will join Armed Forces but just ask them how many percentage of people is ready from other counterpart. The agony of children education for Armed Forces they never dream of. They by virtue of their appt get admission in the best school and leave only after completing of available academic carrier and for children of Armed Forces they are available in a station for two years begging for good institution with so many struggle and if got have to proof first year their existence and next year they have to plan for next station. Friends just listen Armed Forces services are not to be comparable but to be respected honoured and learn from normal civilian and if required can go for referendum in this issue. JAI HIND JAI BHARAT


      1. Rightly said. It’s been quite a long that forces have proved themselves impotent by just accepting all the nonsense and not reacting firmly on their existence.
        Very sad on forces Morales..

  24. The statements made by the Govt Lawyers to the Honorable Supreme Court, on behalf of MOD, about the AF is totally wrong, false & with malafide intentions, without any reality, data & facts. The Honorable SC must ask on an Affidavit, the basis and the supporting data from the Govt Lawyers based on which they have made such false & baseless statements to the SC of India.

  25. Soldiers Live in Palatial Houses; Govt Tells Supreme Court –Why are babus joking with soldiers even in court. We have lived in tents and often shared it too. Even in Delhi my regimental officers were sharing single rooms as entire unit was allotted 4 to five rooms only in mess. Some station even lived entire tenure in one room temporary accommodation dilapidated accommodation.

  26. Those who make such charges about Palatial Houses without any substance are a disgrace. Hopefully the Court shows more sense and awareness and throws out these parasites who live because the Armed Forces are ready to die for them.

  27. Giving false information, misleading and falsifying ground reality before HSC is a cognisable offence and therefore proms facie Contempt of Court.
    Hope HSC will note and take action as deemed appropriate.

  28. I am appalled by the comments first made the MOD lawyers in the SC and later by the statement of RM that she micromanages and the she clears every such important issue. In other words she is directly a party to such demeaning and derogatory statement.
    And this is so far away from the truth. She has sprayed salt on the wounds of soldiering community and their families. She has no business to mislead the Honourable Supreme Court of India.
    Is their a legal provision to hold to account people who have mislead the Court?

  29. Impressed by overwhelming comments. But the Billion Dollar question is that will the concerned authorities read it. A big NO. हम बस हवा में तलवार चला रहे हैं।
    Better would be that we all should send mails to The President, PM, Raksha Nantri, CJI and all such dignitaries. Then only the Baby’s will understand.
    Concerned citizens and all Veteran Organizations should take the lead.

  30. Palatial Houses ! what a dream. Yes we do have well maintained cantts, but this is our civic sense we know how to keep our surrounding clean. But Palatial houses ! after spending more than half of my life in Army , I have yet to stay in a palatial house. There are many variants of palatial house starting from just a sleeping bag in CI , to bunkers on LOC to tents and make shift huts in other field locations. Yes we do get accomodation in peace stations , to start with the Capital , waiting list to get the entitled accomodation starts from 2 yrs on wards . With a tenure of max 3 years, most of the time is spend in civil areas in rented accomodation with govt HRA . No comments on the facilities available to IAS / IPS / IFS officers . NARAZ HO GAYA YE LOG TO SHAYAD SALARY BHEE BAND KARA DENGE , NFU TO DUR KEE BAAT HAI.

  31. The vociferous Government in taking political mileage through comprehensive Military actions have been caught in broad day light . What a sad day for the fraternity when the own government speaks against its own saving grace Defence Forces . The so called palatial houses and other facilities are meagre as the families face isolation staying in Cantonments and barely meet there requirements. We have the courage to face the bullets , do the others in comparison have it ? No is the answer . The Armed Forces is the strength of the nation and is the exclusive punch in the face of enemy . Mr Modi , you have lost it !!

  32. Well I would ask the government representative including the defense minister to drive to all the military living accommodation in the capital and see what state of affairs is the defense officers and men stay. The most pathetic accommodation is of defense personnel. You have to wait for months to get the pathetic accommodation. So ministers and IAS lobby,, rise and shine out of your palatial accommodation and go and the one and two roomed palatial houses of defense. Frivolous and most stupid argument given in court.

  33. The time has come to see who all these babus are by name, what is their income level, how their kids are studying and enjoying, target their lifestyle to show it to citizens how their public money is misutilized by them. This IAS lobby is parasite eating India for long. The laws and resolutions to increase their salary pass in a single day without making it public. They stay in Delhi for 40 years of their service, establishing businesses, properties in their wives name..these scoundrels need to be hunted and pinned down. Then only we can save our Armed forces from them.

  34. Suggest all these valid comments be aired in different channels to reach public including Rural Areas, if need be in Regional language
    MOD & Govt should spell out the Salary structure , perks of Civil services & their service conditions Visa vi AF for public to draw their conclusion to convey to SC, in the interest of Nation

  35. Fauj has become a tool to garner votes in terms of so called ‘nationalism’. That is about all for d pol class n babus r too happy to play d tune. Of course, d man in f street doesn’t get to know about such things

  36. Another area worth comparing army officers guestroom charges via a vis civ circuit house Or Govt guest room charges. There is shocking Ten times difference.

  37. It’s disgusting and shameful to read such claims made by Govt. I don’t think any where in world, armed forces are treated like this by own Governments.

  38. Armed Forces is the last bastion to fall back, civil bridge repairs at Mumbai , cleaning for Ravi Shanker yoga, and what not.
    Pay wise High Altitude Allowances , Remote area allowance like Guahati is less than the civil counter parts as well the uniform personnel like CRPF, BSF..
    Medical facilities and disability facilities are much more in civil set up .There is no peace and field area concept for Heart disease , Endocrine ,Psychiatry etc diseases.
    Medical board in military setting go by the rule book of 2008 , which is not there in civil or other services set up .
    We also need to see what we can do to improve our service conditions , and not be in a well / narrow mentality.
    DACP was given in platter for the doctors in line with others services, we messed up saying Command and Control etc, which is so unjustified , did our PPOC took a stand, infact it has made sure that it doesn’t come for uniform doctors in Armed Forces, though even it has come for civilian doctors in Army/ DGAFMS.
    Same way age of retiring for doctors not been heeded to , for parity with CGHS , where the retirement age is 65 yrs across the board.
    Now bueracrats are using the same logic of command and control to deny NFU, it is us to be blamed how deny ing DACP, Retirement age etc for the doctors, repurcassion of which can be used by the bueracrats.
    Today’s challenge is in managing change ,open for innovation, and be more communicative with 360 degrees as in HR policy in most organization but not followed in Armed Forces.
    We must do introspection , I meant it for higher echelon , how this systemic degradation has set in, we must put our larger interest upfront than to think of post retirement personal benefits.
    WE NEED TO CHANGE!!!!!! Or else you feel bad and let down like the way NFU argument has taken place.

  39. Strange perceptional mirage creation by the AG at the behest of the Govt….. Surprisingly from an otherwise quite efficient setup under the PM’s watch

  40. Govt counsel must be ashamed to degrading the forces by giving false statements in the supreme court just to please some politicians and babus for continuing in his job. He must quit the post which he does not deserve to mislead the yop judiciary. The biggest fault lies with the RM who have become the spokesperson of her bosses and ignoring real responsibilities to look after the forces for which she being paid.Disgraceful act of the govt who brought all the controversies in open to demoralise the forces. One will think twice before joining defence forces in future.

    1. This is a Shameful act on the part of the Govt of the day. Without supporting their statement with logic and sound analysis the Government has decided to oppose whatever the Armed Forces say. The Government Counsel seems to be a person of a below average intelligence who it appears is in the habit of speaking lies. What else can you expect from the representative of the Government in which speaking blatant lies has become a routine when our Prime Minister himself makes incorrect statements like OROP has been given. This he does with a clear malafiee intent of making people believe something that is untrue

  41. As film maker who has worked with the army in forward conflict zones and more recently on the OROP issue, the government’s bias towards the administrative services is far too evident. It is indeed a shame that our serving and retired officers are treated in this shabby manner. Talking of palatial houses, the administrative services wangle even two such houses in home and serving areas. Not to talk of the liveried butlers and servants they have. While filming for the OROP, a senior and highly decorated retired Lieutenant General, almost in tears summed up the attitude, ” When a soldier is injured during conflict he is looked after in the base MH, but if the bureaucrat falls ill he is sent abroad for treatment.” He then looked deeper into the lens and with quivering lips asked, “Is this justice?”

  42. As film maker who has worked with the army in forward conflict zones and more recently on the OROP issue, the government’s bias towards the administrative services is far too evident. It is indeed a shame that our serving and retired officers are treated in this shabby manner. Talking of palatial houses, the administrative services wangle even two such houses in home and serving areas. Not to talk of the liveried butlers and servants they have. While filming for the OROP, a senior and highly decorated retired Lieutenant General, almost in tears summed up the attitude, ” When a soldier is injured during conflict he is looked after in the base MH, but if the bureaucrat falls ill he is sent abroad for treatment.” He then looked deeper into the lens and with quivering lips asked, “Is this justice?”

  43. हाथ कंगन को आरसी क्या
    पढ़ें लिखे को फारसी क्या
    फौजी में सेवा करना सब भारतीयों के लिए अनिवार्य कर दिया जाना चाहिए।
    बाबू जीवन के सारे आंनद लेते हैं और समझते हैं कि फौजी मज़े का जीवन जीते हैं।
    अरे कभी हमारे हालात को नज़दीक से देखिए और जानिए कि वतन पर मर मिटने वालोें के साथ सरकार कितना सौतेला व्यवहार करती है !

  44. Colonial thinking shall be washed down from the minds of bureaucracy…

    Someone with capacity to ask the babua to exchange the housing of bureaucrats with that of Army personnel on one to one basis… Doodh ka doodh, aur pani ka pani ho jayega.

    Mr Modi, are you listening??

  45. It is so disheartening and

    1. It really sadning to learn the rubbish comments in SC about Palacial Houses Ask them to stay in the Tents where the warriors are residing including our Officers
      Shame on such people Or ask them to make thier children join Defence Forces They will experience the Placial Houses Environment

  46. Shame to Govt advocates. In 1976 there was no accn in Faridkot. All families incl of Brigade Commander lived in Bashas. Children went to school on benches kept in 3 Tons
    In May 1992 a joker IAS of M O D came to visit EME School Vadodra. He saw Jawans living in a decayed barrack, where Sick horses of ex prince used to be kept . He did not approve new Accn. The advocte must be from such demented breed. He should see old accn in Delhi. The judge should have shamed him in giving wrong picture . Shame on his political bosses

  47. The DACP which was given to all doctors in govt, including paramilitary forces was denied to only doctors serving in Armed Forces (AFMS). Whom to be blammed our top brass or beaurucrats?

  48. J.C. Verma
    There is lot of hue and cry over the issue MoD counsel pleading over the issue of NFU in Hon’ble Bench of Supreme Court of India telling that they live in palacial houses etc. Hence not granting it to Armed Forces Officers.Armed forces offrs are only 3 percent, no body is talking about 97 percent JCOs & ORs of armed forces.Armed forces officers when down graded are freling heat of the matter but when they don’t consider it when opposing tooth and nail against Honorary Commissioned Officers for their being at equal footing with commissioned officers for pay, bearing of rank & badges, canteen entitlements etc. Honorary Commissioned Officers suffering but armed forces officers are against, responsible solely for this meted out discrimination to Honorary Commissioned Officers. They shouldn’t forget there is someone above stsrs and sky. Nevertheless we Honorary Commissioned Officers stand by them and there should be review of the case and facts brought to the notice of Hon’le SC.

    1. Let us not make it an issue . Problem of housing is universal and it is a fact that housing problems are more for JCOs and ORs. As far as honorary rank is concerned, Fauji Reporter is of the view that Honorary Ranks of Lts and Captains shall be considered at par with other commissioned officers. In fact Fauji Reporter feels that we surely need structural reforms to get rid of colonial hangovers.

  49. What the Govt Council said in the Supreme Court is true, perhaps about the Pakistan Armed forces. The central government should pull him up for making such a baseless and provocative statement.

  50. I as a Flt Lt was posted at Palam and accomodation given in Banghi Colony. where all three rooms were leaking during jun to august.There was more rain inside even when out site it halted. The accomodation was due for major renovation. we suffered but nothing coud be. People may say a palacious house.

  51. Bashas are visible at most of the army stations. Calling it a palatial building is just a big joke
    I during my entire service got a status house only thrice once for 6 months at Nasirabad second occasion at Akhnoor after waiting for more than a year and lastly at Bathinda after a long wait.

    I wonder who drafted the reply?

  52. Well please don’t be critical of our Government, basically the Politicians and Bureaucrats. Politicians are “Elected Representatives” while the Bureaucrats are “Elite” class who’ve earned every right do keep their hide up and above the rest of the Central Government Services. Remember our country is a DEMOCRACY & a REPUBLIC, not a Banana Republic or Democracy. Our country has not given the sacred COVENANT to its Armed Forces ever since Independence. Therefore, all these statements and actions which are contrary to the interests of the Armed Forces is very much normal and the hierarchy in the Armed Forces is not transparent either. Grabbing Defense Land on some pretext is on the table these days. Hon’ble RM forced some of defense lands just because some procedures were not followed and that also because some “Elected Representatives” did not do his job, so land can be used, grabbed by land sharks of the area. So, it’s natural to expect politicians and bureaucrats talking hollow regarding Palatial Houses, Canteen Services (by the way – the MoD personnel – all civilians, are the largest subscribers of Canteen. Besides, now a bureaucrat will now decide whether a jawan requires Canteen facilities or not, because he has now sits as Director General). Likewise, there are plethora of issues that plague Armed Forces. They talk about Palatial houses, well in my 26 years I’ve been struggling at every place to find one decent house having proper electrical, water supply or infrastructural faults. One can forget about JCOs/Jawans, they live in a “Glorified Slum” and don’t say a word. What more do you want from such a good subservient, disciplined and Yes Sir organization led by a great guy. So, its चलता है भाई…जब कोई problem आएगी तब देखा जाएगा। फिलहाल, जमीन हथिया लो, साफ-सुथरे और सुंदर इलाके अपने कब्जे में करें। जनता को जब पता चले या ना चले, क्या फर्क पड़ता है। फौज का क्या है, जहां भेजोगे चली जाएगी, कोई सवाल भी नहीं पूछेगा। Ours must be the only country that despises its own Armed Forces so much…God and the soldier we adore. But in times of peace and all things righted, God is forgotten and the soldier slighted.” -Rudyard Kipling”….so true, sadly.

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