Manohar Parrikar; Soldier’s Last Salute

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With profound sense of loss, community of Military Families is sad to hear departure of Sh Manhohar Parrikar; Ex Defence Minister of India to heavenly abode.

Manohar Parrikar Ji was a technical professional turned politician and had been CM of Goa and Defence Minister of India. He carried a very honest and clean political image. Down to earth simple man with sensitive heart.

Soldiers remember him as defence minister, who was totally dedicated to the service of armed forces and soldiers. He was one, who personally managed processing of OROP proposal pushing through resisting walls of bureaucracy. His proposal as sent to PMO was for full OROP as asked by soldiers.

He worked overtime for development of indigenous defence capabilities and personally supervised development of key technologies and weapon system.

He had humane approach to problems of soldiers and ex servicemen and was always available to attend to their problems.

In spite of a short tenure, Manohar Parrikar ji will always be remembered as a successful Defence Minister of India.

We Soldiers and families pay our last Salute to this great son and Citizen Soldier of India.

Fauji Reporter requests military families to sign their respect to departed soul by way of putting your comments.

5 thoughts on “Manohar Parrikar; Soldier’s Last Salute

  1. India has lost it’s son who served the people till his last breathe . Manohar parrikar was epitome of simplicity and honesty.its a national loss.may God give us and his family strength to bear this loss.I am sure he will keep guiding all of us from heaven.

  2. कल गोवा में दो सूर्यास्त हुए थे ..

    श्री मनोहर पार्रिकर ने हमेशा देश की सशस्त्र सेना के शीर्ष अधिकारियों के साथ मंथन और वार्ता कर अपने विचार प्रकट किए थे. आधुनिकरण की रुकी हुई फ़ाइलों को निपटाने में उन्होने अपना वक्त लगाया था. सेना की नीतियों का अवलोकन और अमल में लाने वाली प्रक्रियाओं को बड़ी बारीकी से समझ कर उसमे बदलाव किए थे. वे चाहते थे की सेना और सरकार के बीच के मतभेद जल्द से जल्द दूर हो एवं किसी भी किस्म का अड़ंगा प्रॉजेक्ट को रोके ना.

    उन्हे पूरी तरह से इस बात का इल्म था की देश की सेना के पास दस दिन से ज़्यादा की लड़ाई के लिए गोला बारूद नही हैं. जिसकी पूर्ति के लिए कम से कम 20,000 करोड़ रुपये से ज़्यादा धन का आवंटन करना होगा. उनके आदेशानुसार रक्षा मंत्रालय ने सरकार की आपातकालीन वित्तीय व्यवस्था के अंतर्गत गोलाबारूद मंगाया गया ..

    एक झुझारू व्यक्तित्व को सैल्यूट …

  3. A patriot, a technocrat who fitted his post excellently, and a soldier who died with his boots on for the nation!
    RIP sir! You leave us a better people having had you with us.

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