Modi Ki Sena? Politicians Please Spare Us? Dont Steal Popularity of Indian Armed Forces For Politics

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A news of Aditya Nath Yogi; CM of UP calling Indian Armed Forces as ‘Modi KI Sena’ in presence of Gen VK Singh; Veteran, Ex Army Chief and BJP Candidate in Ghaziabad has shocked military veterans, constitutional experts and political commenters.

The comments amounts to dragging Indian Armed Forces into active party politics and has been denounced. As is known that Armed Forces take oath of loyalty to constitution and by law serving soldiers have been prohibited from taking part in active politics. Soldiers serve constitutionally formed govt of India of the day and not any individual or person who may be prime minister of the country.

Though Gen VK Singh; Veteran is an Ex Army Chief and is free to take part in active politics as any other citizen but bringing active duty soldiers into politics is highly undesirable.

The matter has been reported to Election Commission & District Magistrate of Ghaziabad is investigating alleged violation of law and election code of conduct.

It is not hidden that BJP has been trying to ride popularity of Indian soldiers among Indians for political purposes. A recent survey found that Indian armed forces are most popular among Indians and politicians are least. The controversial statement by Yogi is seen as an attempt to further steal popularity of Indian Armed Forces.

The alleged controversial statement drew comments on social media from military veterans.

Elections 2019- Let the Armed Forces Be !! May we appeal to all political parties to not drag the Armed Forces into the electoral battle, directly or indirectly. They are apolitical & it’s in the best interest of the Nation to keep them so.

— Lt Gen AK SINGH (@AK7CAV) April 1, 2019

We are not Modi ki Sena..Yogi Aditya Nath called Army as Modi ki sena…EC must intervene to stop BJP leaders from using soldier’s name in active politics..See Chiefs must write a letter to all political parties asking them not to politicise Indian Military— Col Ashok; Veteran (@ashokkmrsingh) April 1, 2019

Ex-Navy chief says will approach poll body over “Modi ji ki Sena” comment— NDTV (@ndtv) April 1, 2019

Looks like #Yogi ji and @FORCEmagazine think alike. Wonder if its good or bad. Here’s the April cover of take note

“Modi Ji Ki Sena,” Says Yogi Adityanath; Insult To Army, Says Opposition— Ghazala Wahab (@ghazalawahab) April 1, 2019

Are attempts to create cult of Modi followers being made in armed forces? Some veterans wonder?

3 thoughts on “Modi Ki Sena? Politicians Please Spare Us? Dont Steal Popularity of Indian Armed Forces For Politics

  1. Naa Modi ki, naa uske Pariwar ki ,naa kisi ke baap ki.
    Hamaari Sena sirf, aur sirf, Bharat aur uske desh wasiyon ki hai.

  2. Sena is only Bharat ki sena. Politicians who never had a member of family ,since generations up or down, and have degraded, demoralised and misused sena are the leas qualified to use their glory for political end.
    Shame on these shameless blokes. They must apologise. And Sens should declare Gen VK Singh a ” Tankhaiya” – outcast. Not permitted to enter any fauji mess or club.

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