Do You Agree With Descision of Gen Suhag; Ex Army Chief To Have Accepted A Junior Scale Diplomatic Assignment? Approval Survey. Vote

News report says, that Gen Dalbir Singh Suhag has accepted govt offer of a Junior Scale Diplomatic Assignment of high commissioner of Seychelles. It is reported that assignment is fixed for an IFS officer of Jt Secy level. The news comes at election times.

Considering his status of being an Ex Army Chief of a nuclear power nation and carrying a history on his shoulders, do you agree with his decision?

Ani Report; Ex-Army Chief Dalbir Singh Suhag Named Indian High Commissioner To Seychelles

Please participate in this approval survey and see the rating.

Objective of Survey is to provide honest feedback from environment to our ex army Chief who is honorable and respectable to all of us.

Do You Approve Decision of Gen Dalbir Singh Suhag; Ex Army Chief To Have Accepted a Junior Scale Diplomatic Assignment?
  • NO. I dont Approve. 80%, 188 votes
    188 votes 80%
    188 votes - 80% of all votes
  • YES. I approve. 20%, 47 votes
    47 votes 20%
    47 votes - 20% of all votes
Total Votes: 235
April 26, 2019 - April 30, 2019
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12 thoughts on “Do You Agree With Descision of Gen Suhag; Ex Army Chief To Have Accepted A Junior Scale Diplomatic Assignment? Approval Survey. Vote

  1. Wonder why he is being given so much importance. They tell the junior ranks to shun marerialism. Can’t he himself lead a quiet settled life or wants luxuries to continue irrespective of what message it sends to put the services under the dirty mats .

  2. This position was held by a joint secretary level person before Subah. Why should the IAS not start equation the COAS position to a Joint Secretary.
    For a few additional bucks we help ourselves to lower our status.
    No I don’t approve of this absurd equation.

  3. Much ado and I feel that with the Influence of China in this sector (remember the location of Seychelles), it was imperative that we send across the message that we value the relationship and they can be assured of our all weather partnership. This was possible with making a statement and Gen Suhag is that statement. His presence will safeguard our interest than a typical pen wielding and good for nothing Bureaucrat who shall be more interested in their next plump posting or cursing and abusing all and sundry if they get a bad posting. An effective check to China is my opinion and in that regard, it is a positive move. Naysayers welcome with their comments but that is how things shall be!

  4. He should not have accepted,however, it is not surprising. He too is one of the chiefs of tri-services who was mute witness to active downgrading of the Armed Forces officers and PBOR in terms of rank-pay,allowances-precedence parity with that of the civil services and the CAPFs. The above comments blame politicians but I blame the chiefs for the downgrading, after all the carrot he got is a double downgraded puny position. The problem may be that, the service chiefs’ ambitions at retirement becomes limited to ‘some position’ to continue playing golf, having servants around, having free-bee transport and a kushi position with vague accountability.

    1. He deserves it what he got.
      He tied the political bosses and agreed to what ever his men got as bheek..and designations being lowered in comparison to his civil counterparts.
      He is now and then only working for himself.
      A great Indian General Said once that Chefs should not look forward for any positions after their respected position in the army.
      The way things are going I dread in future we may not have to see such people touching feet of ministers like their police counterparts.. Oops superiors do.

  5. It does not matter to ex army chief till he gets rehabilitated, big let down to people in uniform.

  6. Firstly, it is not the Individual, but wrong on Part of Govt,to lower its Chief by offering / appointing on such slot.
    Secondly, the way the Indian Army has been degraded, downgraded, humbled & insulted during last couple of years, is unbelievable. The youth who knows reality of today’s status, would prefer to join politics/ police (the corrupt n all powerful).
    Thirdly, most of the 21st century chiefs, have let down the Apolitical Image of Army by hobnobbing with the politicians: why? Because of the unethical political interference in the matters military.
    The very root cause of all Indian Problems, is the Indian Politician. No academic education, no ethics/ manners/ etiquette/ “sharafat” & no statesmanship is required but only one must have muscle & money power and clout of a goon, to be a successful politician.
    All parties, leaders & media channels are surviving on white lies, propaganda & Jumlas. God knows where is India heading towards!

  7. Probably, the General should have been offered a senior position with any country with whom we have strategic interests, for example, China, Pakistan, Iran, Israel so that his immense experience could be tapped in various areas.

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