Do You Approve The Performance of Smt Nirmala Sitharaman as Defence Minister of India? Vote Yes Or No?

Smt Nirmala Sitharaman has been defence Minister of India since 3rd Sep 2017. This survey is being conducted to find her approval rating as Defence Minister of India.

The method of survey is simple. It uses the most advanced online software ‘Democracy’ for poll which prevents voting by bots and double voting with same electronic device and IP address. There are only two choices Yes to Approve Performance and No to Disapprove Performance. Software then automatically shows the results.

Such open surveys in western democracy play a big role by depicting current approval rating of any leader for whom the survey has been designed. It helps in voters to give their feedback to leaders. It also helps leaders to assess mood of public about his or her performance in public office.

The current survey is not a standing survey as tenure of current govt is coming to an end. However for next govt, Fauji Reporter will bring standing approval survey where voters can also revote to change their vote.

While voting you can also comment to give feed back to minister.

Do You Approve Performance of Smt Nirmala Sitharaman as Defence Minister of India? Approval Rating Poll Survey. Vote
  • No. I dont approve. 78%, 114 votes
    114 votes 78%
    114 votes - 78% of all votes
  • YES. I approve. 22%, 33 votes
    33 votes 22%
    33 votes - 22% of all votes
Total Votes: 147
April 29, 2019 - May 7, 2019
Voting is closed

You can comment too at bottom.

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3 thoughts on “Do You Approve The Performance of Smt Nirmala Sitharaman as Defence Minister of India? Vote Yes Or No?

  1. No.
    She’s been the worst since 1980, at least.
    She missed a great chance to be the Shushma Swaraj of MoD.
    Her biggest failing has been her defensive attitude in hitting out at questioners from the Defence Establishment & Veterans.
    Reasons for he horrible performance has been her inability to merge her political career consciousness with her performance in the MoD for the Defence Services.
    What use is a minister who can’t address the concerns of the Uniformed & muted under Service Acts? Nothing at all.

  2. Ms.Nirmala Sitharaman has ptoved herself as one of the worst Defence Minister India has seen after Krishna Menon of 1962 debacle. Each day of her Office degraded, downgraded, humiliated, insulted, squeezed & cut the Army lesser than its size. She reduced & humbled the Size & Morale of the Indian Soldier & the Veteran. She proved herself to be sadistic stooping so low even to snatch & eye for more Defence- lands.

  3. She has been found wanting to pursue the interests of the Armed Forces(Modernisation & making up deficient inventory), aspirations of the personnel(pay/perks, status). She need to be more pushing in the government hierarchy to ensure favourable actions/approvals by the CCS. It appears that she is rather timid in front of the government hierarchy.
    Not too sure about her significant contribution in upholding the interests of the Veterans.

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