Believe in yourself, towards Success

belive in yourself

As life becomes a battleground for cause,
A race towards the goals we set…
Sweating and breathless, we try to cover the distance,
limping and running without any pause…

But sometimes we stop, and try to analyze,
We look around the situations…
And happenings around,
Can I? Will I? are the questions that arise…

The speed slows down and the run becomes A walk,
Rather than eyes on the goal…
We start looking at the people passing by,
And our vision too, feels, as if blocked…

The belief is shaken, the credence is quivered,
We stop trusting our own abilities…
The feel is enough to give us A jolt,
The cynosure of our self, looks shivered…

Now just Wait…for A minute and think,
If you let this happen to yourself, my dear…
Your competence and calibre will start to rust,
And you’ll be finished in A blink…

Believe in yourself, and trust your prowess
You have all inside you, what it takes…
The certitude towards your inner strength,
Will take you towards your success…


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