National Security Challenges By Brig Anil Gupta; Veteran

The hype created about uncertainty of the outcome of election 2019 has ended with the nation…

‘Terrorism On The Agenda But Not Merely Through India-Pak Prism’: Kyrgyz Ambassador

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Desh Deshantar: भारत और SCO समिट

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Weaponizing AI creates apathy toward war

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Understanding The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation And Why It Matters To India

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New Report Says China’s Military Could Dominate by 2049

Chinese leaders have laid out a plan for deploying the world’s best-armed forces no later than…

Russia and Iran to Fundamentally Isolate the Internet

FOR YEARS, COUNTRIES have spoken in vague terms about creating domestic internets that could be isolated…

Critique of Thucydides Trap and Possibility of China’s Monroe Doctrine

J.Mohanasakthivel writes, ASEAN to China is the way the Latin America is to the US. However,…

EmbraerX unveils new flying vehicle concept for future urban air mobility

EmbraerX unveils a new electric flying vehicle concept during Uber Elevate Summit 2019 in Washington, D.C.…

US Senators Push to Halt Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia

Senators Make Bipartisan Push to Halt Arms Sales to Saudi Arabia (excerpt) (Source: Politico; posted June…