How did the first world war start?

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Pakistan – world’s 6th largest country – to partner with Russia

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“Indian Infantry Battalions Are The Backbone Of UN Peacekeeping Operations

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Garhwal Rifles Regiment- Short Story, Part – I

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India’s Foreign Trade: May 2019

India’s overall exports (Merchandise and Services combined) in April-May 2019-20* are estimated to be USD 92.33billion,…

Preventing the re-emergence of chemical weapons

This Brief is the first of a triptych on the ways the international community has responded…

Protecting Europe

This Chaillot Paper seeks to provide practical and operational insights on how the EU can best…

The ‘Xi Doctrine’: Proclaiming and Rationalizing China’s Aggression

Source Link by Bradley A. Thayer Lianchao Han The United States must respond to China’s belligerence with greater…

U.S.-India Ties: Long-Term Courtship, but No Marriage in Sight

Source Link by Hayat Alvi Paul J. Smith New Delhi has interests that don’t always align with Washington’s…

The scrutiny of the European Defence Fund by the European Parliament and national parliaments

Since 2016, the European Union has developed a number of new initiatives on security and defence.…