Approval Rating; Do You Approve Performance of Lt Gen K K Aggrawal; Ex Chairman of Army 7th Pay Commission Cell & Just Retired?

Approval rating surveys in any democracy are best tools to provide feedback from the stake holders and environment. It has been a policy of Fauji Reporter to conduct such surveys and assisting in building the nation and the institution called Military.

This approval rating survey is on performance of Lt Gen K K Aggrawal who recently retired and has had held appointment of Chairman Army 7th Pay Commission Cell.

Do You Approve Performance of Lt Gen K K Aggrawal as Ex Chairman Army 7th Pay Commission Cell & Just Retired?
  • No 95%, 417 votes
    417 votes 95%
    417 votes - 95% of all votes
  • Yes 5%, 20 votes
    20 votes 5%
    20 votes - 5% of all votes
Total Votes: 437
July 2, 2019 - August 6, 2019
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15 thoughts on “Approval Rating; Do You Approve Performance of Lt Gen K K Aggrawal; Ex Chairman of Army 7th Pay Commission Cell & Just Retired?

  1. He is the betrayer of all army pers. All through during his tenure of 7 cpc cell, he has done *uc# all and denied so many things to the army pers specially Offrs. He ha………….

  2. Indian Army did the greatest blunder by appointing such selfish officer

  3. I have served with this officer when he was a Brigadier. He is highly useless character, self centred and short sighted. Has achieved his rank just by lip service and buttering.

  4. Very very few Generals in today’s Indian Army would get even a mediocre approval rating. Infact the rank itself has become synonymous with selfishness, disloyalty to subordinates, one-upmanship and narcissism.
    If disability pensions are being discontinued on the pretext of misuse, then the General Rank should be abolished on grounds of complete failure on all counts including inability to win approval of even their own subordinates.

  5. Gen Agrawal was responsible for ensuring justice and welfare measures for the serving fauj and the veterans. He strongly believed in ” charity begins at home.” The neta-babu nexus has been continuously imposing one insult after another on the jawans(serving and veterans) , but he has not done anything to stop the rot. Finally, today the jawan with disability has been deprived of exemption from income tax, which was available sins 1922 !
    Soon, the nexus will do deep selection to find a sycofant to replace Gen Agrawal. The jawan’s fate will renain the same.

  6. It is disgraceful for such senior officer to ditch his army n only recommend only 14 percent increase in pay of all ranks which comes in ten years,such senior officers don’t deserve any respect from any one.Shame on him.God will punish him nicely n he will have to very heavily one day.

  7. I am highly ashamed of this magazine for starting a media trial that too on unverified and unsubstantiated stories thereby causing false rours to float in environs. Such rumour mongering shall have debilitating effect on image of AF. As a result of family feud his opponent has gone public without caring for dignity and honour of the Armed Forces. The Gen has proven track record of highest integrity and honesty who always possessed high stds of admin and professional acumen.
    I expect this magazine to maint it’s fouji decorum and not indulge in family feuds which was out in the open for last so many years.
    7 CPC is an old story now and we all know Army rep has no say in it. Even if he opens his gob it is shut then and there. In a full fledged democracy Armed Forces are always secondary and do not have any say even in governance of Armed Forces. Raking up his rating vid a vis 7CPC at such belated stg ,post retirement is an act of cowardice.

    1. We clarify that, Fauji Reporter as per its policy is only conducting approval rating survey. We do not endorse views of the readers. Such surveys are healthy norms in democracies. We have done similar surveys before and keep doing so to provide a kind of feedback to concerned leaders. We also manage standing survey on honorable Sh Narendra Modi ji. We respect the General and his service to nation.

  8. What ever may be the reason,CBDT Circular regarding Income Tax on Disability pension is really a shock to the ESM/Veterans who served Nation sacrificing their life, limbs . The Govt should know that a soldier or sailor or airman suffered and incapacitated due to the exigencies of service; and such disability is aggravated or attributed to the service conditions no doubt that he should be exempted IT on their pension.Am sure and confident that our PM is aware of the fact and certainly take care of Veterans and withdraw CBDT circular immediately.

  9. No. A big no. He harmed the interests of both, the serving as well as retired Army personnel by just being a yes man in the commission. The Army should have known his capability before deputing him for such an important assignment.

  10. You are sadly mistaken about Gen Kapil Agarwal and he is not the kind of person who would steep low for any kind of personal gains. He has been an university topper and a topper throughout his career. He was the best man and most qualified to lead the pay commission cell and was selected by MS branch after deep selection. He is an extremely honest and capable officer of the Army. It is easy to malign someone’s reputation on the social media as it costs nothing, but very difficult to appreciate the contribution of the person for the last 40 yrs.

  11. If I am not mistaken, he is the same person, who was in SHAPE -1 through out his service to get his promotions and became a medical category just before retirement to get disability pension…
    which finally led to CBDT circular on 24 Jun 2019, to tax disability pension also…

    Just because of this kind of persons, earlier Gen Deepak Kapoor(100%) disability, many of the actual disabled officers & Jawans , who fought in Wars, insurgencies, inhospitable terrains, hostile enemies/ terrorists, had to suffer and pay income Tax..
    Mind you both General Kapoor & this fellow ( yes I lost respect for these fellows), are not from fighting Arm but supportive Arms, Artillery n EME respectively. One can check from their service records about their operational roles/ services.

    If Govt knows that they have manipulated disabilities, then why can’t they be tried Summarily and action be taken against them instead of punishing all genuine disabled soldiers..

    # Why our Chiefs are mum on this??

    # Why the whole media who were…a few days back on URI & Balakot are mum on it ???

    # Why our new Defence Minister Mr Rajnath Singh, who hails from North and a Rajput himself is mum on this after making one statement in Parliament that too when this issue was raised by opposition party???

    # Why Hon’able Supreme & High Court Judges and lawyers like Prashant Bhushan etc , who have dealt with so many disability cases in their lives are mum on this issue ???

    # Why, our great Civilians who are Master’s in taking out Candle Marches..are mum this time?? No candle March at India Gate ??

    # Why in 2014, Lt Gen Sinha ( Retd), DGAFMS( Director General Armed Forces Medical Services) did not initiate action against his Madical doctors who connived with these Generals during their RMB ( release medical boards) and gave them medical disabilities?? rather he wrote a letter to then Defence Secretary about these persons/ issues?? Why action should not be taken against him for his # inaction against his subordinates medical Doctors fully knowing the facts that they were indulging in malpractices to help senior officers to earn good chits from them in ACRs ( Annual Confidential Reports) ??

    In the end, I do hope our worthy PM Sh Narendra Modi ji will look into the matter and pass instructions regarding cancellation of CBDT circular and restore Soldier’s Pride..

  12. He has been the one who in collusion with others stabbed the soldiers in the back for his own upward movement in his promotion. Such Offrs are a big blot in uniform. He has brought a disgrace to uniform.

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