Defence India; Think Tank Network (Exclusive – By Invitation Only)

Defence India; Think Tank Network

Predicting future by ways of reading indicators, discerning trends, building futuristic scenarios and working out present courses of actions based on these, is a highly specialized field.

On lines of an exclusive Military Writers Guild of USA and NATO Countries, Fauji Reporter has taken an initiative to create Defence India; Think Tank Network for writers, thinkers , experts and innovators  from any background, ranks and age who have proven expertise in fields of geo-politics, diplomacy, defence, foreign policy, security, military issues, affairs and lives, economy, defence industry & technology.

This is an exclusive network and members are associated by invitation only.

Objective of forming such think tank group is to support quality research work and reviews and hold discussions to help govt, industry, private groups and people to synergise their efforts for nation building.

Fauji Reporter will provide following support:

  1. Personal hidden/ public exclusive profile of members in think tank directory.
  2. Formation of online hidden/ research groups.
  3. Formation of think tank public and open discussion forums.
  4.  Survey and poll support to take public feedback if required.
  5. Online software based assistance to search required information, papers and reviews as reference material.
  6. Assistance in international collaboration with known experts and  institutions.
  7. Online publication support.
  8. Social media promotion support.
  9. Dedicated e mail ids of Fauji Reporter ( ) as required by each group & many more.

Fauji Reporter proposes to hold an Annual Military Leadership Summit and Award Event in end of 2019. All papers and reviews of all such groups will be eligible for selection for presentation in this summit.

Fauji Reporter carries out surveys to send invitation to be part of this exclusive network.

Persons those who wish to be considered for invitation are request to send their profile and work details to

Members of the think tank can either publish their work here in Fauj Reporter or connect their blogs with our system for publication.

Published work will be considered for annual awards to be announced in a proposed leadership summit.

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8 thoughts on “Defence India; Think Tank Network (Exclusive – By Invitation Only)

  1. What is the point of asking for profile? Almost all have the same profile. Only very few had published any articles. Many like me may be active in various public blogs like Quora.

  2. Interest area is geo political environment in Asia, with special emphasis on nuclear issues.

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