We Politicians Won’t Pay Tax But You Soldiers Don’t Get Disabled Or Else We Will Tax You? Govt Tells Soldiers? Do You Agree? Vote

Disability among soldiers is again in debate.

Govt says many soldiers are feigning disabilities so all shall be taxed? Mass punishment for all? And it is done by those politicians who don’t pay tax on their salaries as peoples representative and draw multiple pensions.

But can soldiers feign disability? No. Disability of a soldier is decided by the medical board of expert military doctors. It is only on recommendation of medical board, disability of a soldier is fixed.

Then why to punish soldiers? If govt says there are too many disabled soldiers? Then there is reason to investigate cause? Are Indian soldiers being exposed to constant stress and prolonged risky situations which are beyond limit of human tolerance? In USA studies have shown, that soldiers if exposed for more than 6 months in one spell to risks of counter terror operations are most likely to develop disabilities. Indian soldiers are exposed to such risks up to 2 years in one spell. In India soldiers are not even medically tested for PTSD as done in USA or most advanced armies. Whereas visibly many suffer.

Instead of investigating causes of such rise in disabilities and taking remedial measures, can govt punish soldiers by taxing an income which is being paid to soldiers as compensation for injuries caused in service of nation? It defies all concepts and laws of taxation and can not sustain legal argument in court.

Well if doctors are involved in making fit soldiers disabled then it is a crime and actions must be taken against such doctors after due investigations. How can soldiers be punished for the crimes of doctors?

Let us not forget after 71 war, govt has committed soldiers in few war like missions violating spirit of constitution. Constitution empowers govt to use military in war or war like missions only if emergency on grounds of threat to national defense is declared and military leaders are empowered and operations protected by laws like Defense of India act. Laws like AFSPA only have time limits of 6 months and need to be re-applied again and again. Indian army is fighting counter terror operations for last 30 years and more, continuously under no legal backing like on LOC or temporary and incomplete laws like AFSPA in CI Operations.

Govt has still not formed special courts as required under Disturbed Areas Special Court Act 1976 to punish terrorists and wants to punish soldiers to have become disabled while serving nation?

Un-favorable legal situation thus created, puts soldiers under more stress. Use of military in war like missions on LOC have no legal backing and amounts to violation of constitutional provisions. No govt or professional military leaders shall expose troops like this without backing of laws. Naturally then, we have situations like this where govt manages wars under some illegal administrative policies sidelining military leaders and soldiers suffer.

A situation is thus created wherein for every wrong administrative decision, soldiers are being forced to go to court. Soldiers are not only required to fight enemies of nation but own govt in courts over wrong administrative policies. Worst top military leadership is a silent spectator and just nodding heads.

This survey is being conducted to map mood of soldiers, military families, citizen soldiers and citizens on issues of an illegal administrative action of govt to tax soldiers on their disabilities caused in service of the nation.

Comments from readers within limits of maintaining decorum, are invited.

We Politicians Won't Pay Tax But You Soldiers Don't Get Disabled Or Else We Will Tax You? Govt Tells Soldiers? Do You Agree? Vote

Govt recently imposed tax on disability pension of those soldiers who do not get boarded out ( forced to leave job due to serious disability). India is a country where politicians take multiple pensions and don't pay tax on their income as PMs and MLA's but they want to tax soldiers who receive disabilities due to their nature of risky jobs. The subject matter has triggered debate. Do you agree with the decision of the govt?

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31 thoughts on “We Politicians Won’t Pay Tax But You Soldiers Don’t Get Disabled Or Else We Will Tax You? Govt Tells Soldiers? Do You Agree? Vote

  1. Our honourable MP ‘s are entitled to tax free pension, on completing just 5 years tenure in Parliament . Wonder what is the logic behind this ? Do they all get injured or get inflicted with some kind of disease/ disabilities during their tenure, owing to and aggravated due to attending Parliament sessions ? Is it due to a war like situation / environment in Parliament that all MP’s become invalid and have to be awarded tax concessions on pension ? Is it that they all belong to BPL category and hence deserve special treatment ?
    Is it due to that they are the law makers and different rules apply to their pensions ? Well FM / CBDT may have the answer ! Wonder whether Charity should have begun from Parliament House ! JAI HIND .

  2. I disagree that we are brave because brave don’t beg their due but take it.Subsequent downgradation of Defence due to our short sighted and self centric bosses to remain in good books of babus and beg to be made governor or for similar perks can do anything and use their subordinates as a stepping up ladder by singing to the tune of babus. I wonder when we will gather our bravery and confront the wrong doers.

  3. After playing a serious mischief ; Govt as well AHQ appear to have gone into hibernation and are not bothered to explain their irrational action of humiliating and stigmatising all disabled soldiers ,one and all , who retired or would be retiring after successful completion of their tenures .
    If they argue that grant of disability system has become rotten now, in the recent past after implementation of 7th Pay Commission ;OROP etc and increasing number of so called “Unscrupulous “service personnel are now seeking disability , due significant financial advantage than what about those who retired 5 / 10 /. 15 / 20 years earlier ? Were they all scoundrels to be stigmatised ;humiliated and punished now for AHQ ‘ s ineptness in controlling / managing disability award system in the Services . Is it justifiable to demonise and punish one and all without enquiry / investigation .It amounts to autocratic and blind exercise of authority which may boomerang sooner or later with disastrous consequences.
    Service personnel so far felt that they were not getting their due perks & status vis a vis Civilian Govt Employees because of hurdles created by bureaucrats in MOD / MOF ; and Defence Headquarters is fighting for their interests to the best of their ability but unfortunately now a new chapter has begun. AHQ has openly joined hands with bureaucrats to thrash up both Veterans and serving soldiers and to withdraw whatever little they got after great struggle and knocking doors of Judiciary. Now after this step motherly behaviour by AHQ ; Veterans have been left with no option other than peaceful dharnas or appealing to political masters and Judiciary.
    Continuous flip flops like grant ration —stop ration —restore ration ; % dp —slab dp—%dp ; sanction OROP—modify OROP —constitute OMJC —REPORT received = No action for over 02 years , standard answer -under exam ;OROP revision—another committee ; 6th Pay Commission anomalies —No action ; 7th Pay Commission anomalies—No action ; NFU —for everyone yes but no way for you ;MSP revision for Jawans —nothing doing and so on……..; Now Disability Pension Taxation —Prompt Action with no justification except branding them all as “UNSCRUPULOUS “ones .AHQ should have rather asserted itself to put a stop to such callousness/neglect of Service and to resolve all these substantial issues.
    Now the political authority must appreciate that all these petty continuous provocations / unresolved controversies one after another are sapping and demoralising the Soldiers and are not in the interest of Defence Services and the Nation .Hope PM steps in early and take a cognisance of goings on within concerned Ministries and Service Headquarters to stop this rot any further. JAI HIND.

  4. Don’t want disability pension provided government gets me back my lost health. Just withdraw it.

  5. A rather unfortunate decision by the Govt on the illogical recommendation of the Army Chief. The Govt should relent as it may not stand judicial scrutiny. Then the Govt and the Army Chief will have egg on their faces – Veteran Brig SS Jaswal, Panchkula.

  6. भारत जैसे देश में कुछ लोग मात्र अपने अधिकार की बातें करते हैं। लेकिन वही लोग दुसरो के अधिकार छीन लेते हैं। आज सेना के अधिकारी वर्ग बहुत दुखी हैं। लेकिन यही लोग जवानों के हक छीन लेते हैं। तब इन्हें जवानों के दर्द पर आनंद आता है। जहां अधिकारी को अपने घाटे दिखते हैं वहां पर सेना के नाम से रोना शुरू कर देते हैं। डिसएबिलिटी पेंशन में जवान अगर ५०% डिसेबल तो सरकार ६००० रूपए दे रही थी। लेकिन अधिकारियों को पर्सेंट बेसिस पर डिसेबल पेंशन चाहिए और लिया भी लेकिन जवान का १००० रुपए कम हो गया। किसी अधिकारी ने मुंह नहीं खोला। इसलिए सरकार जो कर रही । बहुत अच्छा है। बडी मछली , छोटी मछली को खाती आ रही है। अगर अधिकारी वर्ग अंहकार को त्यागकर जवानों को सम्मान करें तो कोई भी सरकार सैनिक के अधिकार को नहीं छीन सकती है। जब तक सैनिक में एकता नहीं होगी और अधिकारी वर्ग अंहकार त्याग नहीं करेंगे।तब तक सरकार मनमानी करती रहेगी।

  7. BiRa was stepped up above to become COAS by bypassing two of his very competant aspirants. Was he “UNSCRUPULOUS” and did not refuse and follow the dictum of Gen Nathu Singh Rathore who refused to become COAS when asked to as his senior Gen Criappa was there. We all know this tradition of adhering to the ethics of the Army come what may. This Chief has stabbed the disabled. He must stand a trial in the the court of law to call soldiers “UNSCRUPULOUS” without citing even a single example and just making a general statement of misusing the disability previlege for IT exemption. Feel ashamed of such a person heading a brave of the bravest army in the world. Don’t you worry, the citizens’ this man will have no say and the war if ever imposed upon us, will be fought by the junior leaders who will either die or get disabled in the battle field to continue serving without limbs till the terms of engagement without any IT exemption as enforced by present impractical chief.

  8. The systematic downgrade of armed forces with regular letters issued by MOD / Finance to remove perks privileges or meagre benefits of rations or pensions for injury appears that ISI agents in the garb of communists Congress even Bjp collaborators are hell bent on disintegrating India and breaking the last bastion which holds the country together. The yearly expenditure of over 4lakhs crores on defence will go down the drain in case motivated officers and we’ll trained ,motivated troops are not there. The Babus are making the armed forces an employment exchange and hard battles in mountains deserts rough seas or in the sir cannot be fought and won by demotivated armed forces.

  9. A soldier on entry is medically fit,if he becomes disable during Service be it in action or army lifestyle may be due to stress .He must be compensated.
    Any forgery must be dealt with strict punishment. But a few fraud should not debarr genuine cases.
    Politics is not a job, whereas a soldier is doing job for nation at peril of life. Hence morally a politician has no right of pension.he must be given perks and honorarium for his work . In fact some of them even don’t pay bills and vacate house allotted.
    In case govt goes on troubling soldiers a day is not far off when people will not join army and national security will be at peril. Time to Wake up.

  10. AHQ and FM , due their illogical reasoning and under intoxicated all powerful authority , have undertaken this “UNSCRUPULOUS “strike on their own disabled and serving Soldiers disregarding all ethics; rules; laws ; democratic norms and fall out on Defence Services.
    Mistakes and wrong decisions do take place , even from well meaning and best of brains . Good , intelligent and broad hearted real leaders find no difficulty in correcting the mistakes before they become blunders.However considering the personalities involved in this issue, it seems that AHQ and FM are unlikely to accept their folly and bend their ways, on their own and would keep justifying the unjustifiable . Even DM has been put into an awkward situation as could be seen during his reply on the subject in Lok Sabha and may find it difficult to drive sense into these wayward decision makers.
    MODI JI have been greatly concerned about the reputation of Armed Forces and would jump on anyone ‘s throat, who questioned the integrity of Service Personal. Shocking ! now his own COAS and FM are out to destroy the reputation of Veterans as well as Serving Soldiers by branding them as “UNSCRUPULOUS “ and MODI JI this time is silent and looking other way !
    Have these unscrupulous ones made a sudden entry into the Services overnight now or very well existed even during past 05 years of previous Govt .In case yes, than what actions were taken by COAS and MOD against identified ones and to plug loopholes in the system, if any? Why this mass punishment of all disabled soldiers now ?
    Now under these circumstances ,it would be prudent for PM to step in without waiting any further and resolve the issue to put a stop to this nonsense and to avoid raging controversy /acrimony within the Services. JAI HIND.

  11. Serving, now backed by veterans, have already demanded removal of this Chief before he causes irreversable damage to the morale of the Army. Same for his ADGPI for abbetting
    this crime against all present & future disabled . In fact both of them must be tried for stabbing the disabled in the back.

  12. Then let those stupid politicians be asked to fight the terrorists and should be stationed at Sachian. Let’s see if they survive one week also out there without any amenities.

  13. I lost my right eye in CI operation against ALA as Major. Injured again in a vehicle accident seriously fracturing left scapula, three ribs, ckeek bone and head injury besides many small injuries. Continued my service as PLMC without promotion etc and superannuated after full terms of engagement. Now our worthy COAS awarded me with a beautiful decoration “UNSCRUPULOUS” and withdrawal of IT exemption.
    Thank you Chief.

  14. There may be a number of cases which do not come into public domain.

    A case of Lt K V Kumar, 3 Garh Rif.

    Officer undergoing BSW-1 at Mhow in 1971, Army mobilised but war book not formally activated. Course terminated/suspended on 06 Nov 1971. Student officers RTU to old NRS as new loc not intimated to Infantry School.
    Officer reaches Secunderabad on 07/08 Nov 71. Only Rear Parties left. Officer directed by OC Rear of Div to take the Bn Rear Party to forward area.All tied up and offr takes approval of OC to look up his parents and catch the train enroute and join Bn ‘s Rear Party in the train
    . OC approves and gives him one day CL to cover up if any problem. Officer proceeds on his MC but meets with an accident. Some how offr rescued and his Father admits him in MH Secunderabad on 09 Nov 71. MH Secunderabad transfers him to MH Kirkee same day. Offr admitted in MH Kirkee 10 Nov 1971. Spine broken, becomes a Paraplegic, boarded out from Army as a wheel chair patient with hundred percent disability.
    Probably while filling the injury report, the offr told the RMO that he was on CL. RMO fills as not attributable to service. Such a severe injury, no court of inquiry done.
    Since the offr does not have 10 years of service, not entitled to Disability Pension.

    Qn . Was his move not part of mobilisation for war.? Why not attributable to service?

    Mod prepared to help provided AHQ forwards the case. AHQ , says that all documents destroyed and wish him well during the year of the disabled!

  15. I had ejected from Mig-23..became PLMC..changed to ground duties…less and slow promotions….superannuated at age 54….there was no re employment in ground duty in those days…so less final last pay…so less pension….but OK, since I did not have to pat IT….now I have been clubbed with manipulators….and will have to pay IT on my disability pension…sad.

  16. It certainly is an unfortunate situation … More unfortunate because the serving soldiers willl not revolt … They will not revolt as that’s the ethos of our armed forces ….. But it’s a pitiable situation that a politician elected for just 2 years gets a tax free pension for life while a person who lays his life on line is meted this treatment … Show me one politician or bureaucrat who has not misused the privilege and all of them have been subjected to mass punishment…
    Whether serving soldiers revolt or not is to seen…but I can assure you the civilian counterparts would have been out on the streets by now in protest

  17. Fully agree. Gen Rawat will not pay tax on his managed PVSM but I will pay on my disability which was forced on me as a Captain. What a joke of being Chief 😯

  18. It is pitiable that the ppl hold Armed Forces in high esteem but then the corrupt are bend on destroying the institution. Instead of looking after griviences n anomalies of 7 the Pay commission n NFU, they are bend on harassing n demoralising Armed Forces. And with so much pay n perks they certainly don’t deserve tax exemption or pension after getting elected just once.
    God bless Indians…

  19. Shame on you COAS Gen Bipin Rawat, shame on you FM (ex RM) Nirmala Sithataman and shame on you PM Narendra Modi for without your consent this tax on DP could not have been levied as also stoppage of rations, limitation in CSD cars, no funds in ECHS to buy medicine or referral to empanelled Pvt hospital, non implement of NFU despite Supreme Court verdict and non implementation of OROP with new committee formed under CGDA.

    Wait and watch, the serving armed forces personnwl will start “non cooperation movement” and then you will know the consequences. The whole of politicians, beurocrats, para military or the. Generals of the army will not be any use as it will be Gandhian NonCoopMov (silent civil war) and in all probability you will not come to power again.

  20. This general (Chief of the Army Staff/ Chiefs of Staff Committee) is the worst among all chiefs we have been commanded by. He has done no good neither for the country nor for the personnel. Trying his best to demoalise and weaken the most disciplined army of the world. Direcorate of Recruitment (DPR) must scrutinize his SSB board’s Psychologist report if he fitted in the given criteria for individual’s entry into army as officers. I doubt his screening wasn’t proper at that stage. Disgraced the Officership of Indian Soldiers. Every Def pers should write a personal message to him apprising his misdeeds.

    1. I really don’t know how this specimen became COAS bad luck for Indian Army in turn Armed forces

      1. Specimen is right ! Failed in NDA (7 terms against the normal 6) and got himself a Sword of Honour because his pop’s coursemate was Comdt, IMA !

  21. It seems to be a surgical strike against disabled soldiers, conducted jointly by AHQ and Finance Ministry using CBDT as a weapon under smoke screen created by AHQ note .
    To undertake this “UNSCRUPULOUS “operation ,they first branded all those disabled soldiers ,who retired after completing their full tenures despite their debilitating health conditions ,originated and aggravated due Service conditions as “ UNSCRUPULOUS “ . Irony is that these soldiers thought that they were brave, professional and wont run away from duty and service to the Nation, till the last breath ! Now they know where do they stand ! It is also a dire warning to those still in uniform ,not to dare ,to reveal the diseases contacted due Service conditions and also decline any disability granted at the time of retirement ; failing which they would also be made to join the ranks of “UNSCRUPULOUS CATEGORY “ newly created for this purpose.
    Needless to say that there are miniscule black sheeps to be found in all organisations. They should be identified, investigated and brought to book as per the law of the land. System loopholes,if any ,be plugged.But resorting to this type of carpet bombing of all is no solution .Throwing baby along with wash water may prove to be disastrous in the long run. This action would result in wide repercussions for disabled Veterans , serving soldiers and Defence Services and may prove to be penny wise; Pound foolish.
    It appears that for this decision even Navy ,Air Force ,MOD and Defence Minister were not in picture.ADGPI having come on the air may now inform Defence Community and public about the process followed by DHQ to brand all disabled veterans ,retired after completing their service as “UNSCRUPULOUS “.This is a grave issue and a list of any specific UNSCRUPULOUS Veterans (availing dp )identified and brought to book may also be put in public domain to appreciate this drastic action.
    Hope , wise sense would prevail even at this late stage. We are a mature democracy and there is no room for such whimsical and autocratic mass punitive actions .Issue be reconsidered on priority and the senseless CBDT order be withdrawan without delay. JAI HIND .

    1. It is unfortunate that we have a COAS of this caliber trying to malign people under his command. If this continues we are in for bad times for our services. When no one will want his son or daughter to join Armed Forces, although this is already happening and people joining now are first timers having no clue about the service.

  22. The stated premise for the policy vitiates the core values of honesty, integrity, trust and selfless sacrifice of our armed forces. The leadership could have been more imaginative and realistic in resolving the crisis, if any. We are becoming a public spectacle for all wrong reasons diminishing our image and state of morale. Hope better sense would prevail and steps are taken to reinforce pride, trust and respect the society epitomizes our armed forces with.

  23. It is really very unfortunate & pathetic. People serving in uniform at service HQs have no clue about veterans & should be debarred from taking any policy decisions which affects the veterans. Most of them are self centered & looking forward to their own prospects & in that proves do anything to harm the interest of soldiers.

    1. Sir,
      How is Chief concerned with retirees? He is at best supposed to be looking after their welfare & not otherwise. No one wants physical disability ,it is natural instinct to save oneself from any injury because it pains & pain may persist for whole life. But when Army Doctor sees a sick soldier, he has to decide his medical category not the soldier. Why blame soldier? Even if soldier is wounded in war & serves till superannuation , sacrificing promotion & better career ,what is his fault.

    2. If someone is feigning Disability why Doctors aren’t able to detect and stop that. Secondly doctors more than50% are in receipt of disabilty pension including outgoing DGMS …how and why.
      Secondly, why shape one retired officers are making an issue and stabbing their own brothers in arms… Sad…indeed .

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