Thanks For Overwhelming Response; Milestone of 100000 Visits of Readers in July Achieved

Fauji Reporter thanks, its readers to have trusted our initiative and shown an overwhelming response to have helped us achieve milestone of 100000 visits of readers to website in just one month of July.

The milestone has been achieved in just 4 months.

The Fauji Reporter has received overwhelming response not only from India but from more than 140 countries from the world.

People from top ten countries visiting the website are; 1 India, 2 USA, 3 Germany, 4 Brazil, 5 Canada, 6 Russian Federation, 7 France, 8 Indonesia, 9 United Kingdom, 10 Thailand

It is our endeavor to bring more and more news and views to serve military community, experts and industry better.

Fauji Reporter provides an open platform for blogging on any issue. It also aggregates relevant research papers, news and views from across the globe and presents it in form an daily e paper. It has also undertaken an initiative to form first ever Defence India; Think Tank Network.

We invite members from military community, military families, defence experts, industry and others to register with us and write blogs, posts, videos etc

Please note that Fauji Reporter is a Not For Profit Initiative undertaken under the banner of Chamber of Commerce of Ex-Servicemen ( The Military Chamber of India).

Our next target is to reach 1 million readership visits in one year time frame. Let us make it happen.

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