Dear Sirs,

We were violently shaken by the utterances of Maj. General Satbir Singh who manipulated a delegation in the name of Ex-servicemen and called Mr. Rahul Gandhi to address it. Mr. Gandhi who is the President of the congress party has every right as a political leader to blame, denounce or abuse the Prime Minister in any way and we, as the ex-servicemen being apolitical in nature do not have a right to praise or criticise any political leader. If any military general or any veteran has any link to any political party and he denounces any political leader, we have no objection to it but we are driven to hate such hypocrites who in the name of ex-servicemen hold unwholesome gatherings only to be addressed by a political leader who spoke these words (Desh ka chawkidar kahta hai ki usne OROP ke Liye Rs 8300/-Cr de diye hai lekin Anil Ambani ko Rs 30000 cr de diye to kya OROP ko poora nahin kar sakte). He despicably and shamelessly linked OROP of Jawans to the Rafael and misquoted OROP figure as Rs 8300/-Cr in place of Rs 11000/-Cr as DESW puts the figure Rs 10795.40Cr up to 30.09.2017 and compiled till 01.05.2018. Now time has come to update the knowledge of Mr. Gandhi on OROP and the present plight of veterans. Yes, it is time to expose the lies that the Congress party has been telling at each and every forums. Moreover, it is the time to awaken the opposition parties especially the BJP and its spokespersons that have half baked knowledge about PBOR, their pay and allowances and OROP. It is the time to let the people know that our own officers have been playing tricks with the PBOR veterans only to reap fruits for their own benefits. It is high time to wake up the media for their step motherly treatment to PBOR who are not invited to represent their problems in their studios. Now let us enlighten all these sections regarding grievances of PBOR.


Most honourably but most aggrievedly, we feel that the congress party is the main culprit to the present plight of retired soldiers. In 1973, it was the Congress party that reduced our pension from 70% of last pay drawn to 50% of last pay drawn under the pressure of civilian bureaucrats and military bosses only to raise their pension from 30% to 50% of last pay drawn. The strength of soldiers was 50% more than civilians and army officers at that time and the Congress party played a trick to snatch from PBOR and give to the bureaucrats and army bosses. This exercise of the Congress Govt. still followed by the present Govt. only to find ways to harm PBOR and benefit officers financially when NDA Govt. caused Rs 1000/-to Rs1800 loss to Sepoys and other PBOR in disability pension by introducing percentage based system without a PROTECTION CLAUSE.

Surprisingly enough, Smt. Indra Gandhi, the former Prime minister of India equated a sepoy of 3 to 4 years to an unskilled and semi-skilled labourer and the same was rectified later on objections. When we traverse from 1 CPC to 7 CPC, we find that the PBOR were degraded and put to financial loss only to find ways to transfer their dues to those who were the influential. Let me put the illustrations as under from 6CPC onwards:            

On 29.08.2008, the cabinet of Mr. Manmohan Singh, the ex PM, cleared 6 CPC and the same was notified in the gazette. It was sanctioned that while fixing the pension of retired persons it will be ensured that the pension so fixed will not fall below the 50% of Minimum fitment tables drawn by 6 CPC in 2008 and the same were unalterable in any circumstances due to the nature of minimum fitment tables which are nothing but in simple terms they were equal to first month pay of an employee. It was agreed and sanctioned but on 03.10.2008 and 14.10.2008, the lower level functionaries( a term used by court) issued two clarificatory notes and thereby changing the sanctioned terms of cabinet and making the minimum fitment tables as pension for 33 yrs and then reducing the pension proportionately for lesser service.

Now the background having been set, the ex-servicemen community asks Mr. Gandhi that as per the sanctioned terms the pension of X GP Nb sub for 15.5 yrs was Rs 9170/- but UPA Govt. paid only Rs 5260/- in 2006 and kept unpaid due amount of Rs 3910/- with it only to hoodwink us to show that UPA Govt. was very liberal to give our own money in the form of OROP in the year 2009 and 2012.This calculation in respect of Sepoy to Havildar is highly dismal.

Dear Sir, the UPA Govt, played a trick in 2009 and constituted a committee on OROP and the pension of the X GP Nb sub was increased from Rs 5260/- to Rs 7171/- thereby showing an increase of Rs 1911 to get sympathy of veterans. The Congress party boasted too much of it. The amount of Rs 1911 was paid from our unpaid amount of Rs 3910/- quoted above and still UPA Govt. kept Rs 1999/- (3910-1911 =1999) with itself . This amount of Rs 1999/- was paid by NDA as per circular- 568. Again in 2012, another committee was instituted and increased the pension from Sepoy to Havildar only by giving some weightage. The pension of GP X Nb sub remained Rs 7171/- without any change in 2012 and the pension of all JCO’s unchanged in 2012.

It was here sir that a very unwholesome trick was played. We do not feel any pain if we quote that in 2012 the unchangeable Minimum fitment Tables were changed for officers by taking recourse of minimum fitment tables of Honorary Lt and Honorary Capt. The minimum fitment tables of Hon. Lt and Hon. Capt. were transferred to regular Lt and Regular Capt. thinking that they are junior to them.  What a logic that the pay of a more than 28 yrs of service of Hon Lt and Hon. Capt. is equated to First month pay of regular Lt and Regular Capt. and illegal payments were made to officers in 2012 on the basis of cir 542.

Kindly refer cir-542 and see how unceremoniously and surreptitiously the minimum fitment tables were changed for Lt from Rs 27000/- to Rs 30930/- and for Capt. from Rs 27700/- to Rs 32290/- and this change was effected to all the ranks as per their suitability by flouting all the norms. This act changed the minimum fitment tables of officers to more than Notional Maximum and they were paid accordingly. It was an illegal payment.

The minimum pension that was sanctioned for GP X Nb sub was Rs 9170/- but UPA Govt paid only Rs 5260/- in 2006 and Rs 7171/- in 2009. The total pension paid by UPA Govt out of Rs 9170/- was 7171 and Rs 1999/- was not paid by the UPA Govt. The remaining Rs 1999/- of the UPA Govt was paid by the NDA Govt, in 2016-2017 as per the cir 568 W.e.f. from 01.01.2006. The liability of UPA was honoured by NDA. Just compare the figures of OROP and payment of UPA Govt paid by NDA under cir -568 W.e.f. 1.01.2006 to 30.06.2014.

Let us calculate the figures of OROP on the basis of wrong pension paid.

The Govt says that Rs 11000/- Cr has been paid and the same figure is quoted  as Rs 8300/- Cr by Mr. Gandhi. This figure is arrived at on the basis of wrong pension paid by UPA up to 2012. In 2012, the pension of GP X Nb sub was Rs 7171 and his OROP figure is Rs 10480/- and the difference is 10480-7171=3309. The calculation was made with a difference of Rs 3309/- and that comes to Rs 11000/-/-Cr. Similar calculations can be done in respect of other PBOR.

Let us calculate the figures of OROP on the basis of correct pension paid.

The correct minimum pension   as per cabinet approval and cir -568 w.e.f. 01.01.2006 of a GP X Nb sub for 15.5 yrs was Rs 9170/- and OROP figure is Rs 10480/-.The difference being only Rs 1310 and with this difference the figure of OROP would have been only 11000 Cr/3309*1310=4.35 thousand Cr or maximum Rs 5000/-/-Cr.
Dear Sir, during the UPA tenure the flagrant violation of pension rules that we observed that the pension of pensioners was less than the Family pension which cannot be more than the pension of pensioners though it may be equal to the pension of pensioner in case of Enhanced Rate of family pension. Kindly see the cir 501 and 502.


If UPA would have paid us correct pension in 2006 then the total expenditure on OROP would have been only not more than Rs 5000/Cr- and we think that our OROP demand would have been materialised.

It was the congress and UPA that did not full fill our demands of OROP or even our minimum pension as per the sanctions of UPA Govt. The liability of UPA was paid by NDA to the soldiers.


We request the BJP spokespersons to have thorough knowledge of issues and expose the lies of those who have been deceiving veterans for 45 yrs. It is really pathetic that NDA has been paying the liability of UPA as per cir 568 but they are unable to tell the truth to the  people of this country correctly.


Our own officers who have knowledge of their own perks and allowances cannot be supposed to have full knowledge of ours.


We request the media that PBOR are the persons of this nation and they must be given due importance while discussing the details on OROP and other issues.

Ours is a non -political organization and we do not see any political linkages with any political party. Maj. General Satbir Singh does not represent the whole ex-servicemen community. Now a days he is found dilly dallying with certain political party but we do not endorse it at all. If he continues it, we will be compelled to complain to the registering authority as per the latest letter of DGR NO.28(86)2017/D(Res-1 dated 6 Mar,2018 addressed to DGR and the letter is an extension to the Ministry’s letter No.9(37)92/US(WE)/D(Res) dated 31.01.1996 on the formation of unions. We feel ashamed if our ex servicemen Maj. General Satbir Singh calls the PM as the “DESH KA CHAWKIDAR” a despicable language only used by ill mannered persons and veterans are not entitled to use such words for the honourable  Prime Minister of the nation.

We again reiterate that we are apolitical and do not intend to blame, denounce, insult or use foul language that makes us only indecent.

(Hon Nb sub G S SIDHU)
Chairman (AFVAI)

(Nb sub Diwan Singh)
General Secretary (AFVAI)

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