FAQs? How To Publish Article/ Reviews/ Paper/ Videos/ Blogs/ Promos/ Press Release?

Q 1. What is Fauji Reporter?

Fauji Reporter is a open news aggregation, distribution, blogging and promotion website where registered users can maintain their profile and blog. Fauji Reporter is an initiative of Chamber of Commerce of Ex Servicemen which is a registered entity as per law under license from Govt of India. It is a start up initiative aiming to be best in its space in next 3 years.

Q 2. Why is it an exclusive club and who can register?

Fauji Reporter provides an exclusive online blogging and discussion platform to showcase and promote intellectual capital on any subject issues concerning military families.

Q 3. There are so many blogging sites already, what is so special about Fauji Reporter?

Fauji Reporter provides and exclusive platform to select bloggers and readers with special focus on select subjects and topics.

Q 4  Why shall I join it?

Because it is an exclusive space where you get audience and promotion tools what you need as researcher, blogger and writer. As reader you get information and interaction opportunities with domain experts.

Q 5 How do I get promotion?

Fauji Reporter provides various tools for promotion of information as posted here. These tools are news letters circulation, social media promotion by Fauji Reporter and also by blogger, feeding of posts to search engines, online circulations through RSS feeds and press release.

Q 6 How shall I register?

Click Register fill details and act as guided through e mails and update your profile and pictures.

Q 7 How shall I post my Article/ Reviews/ Paper/ Videos/ Blogs/ Promos or any other information material?

Login to website, click Submit Post or New Post, write in box provided or paste, upload picture and submit. Once post is submitted it is reviewed by concerned editor for its relevance and format, assigned category and approved for publishing. It is so simple and doesn’t take more than 24 hours.

Q 8. I already have a blog/ website but I want to get my Article/ Reviews/ Paper/ Videos/ Blogs/ Promos published in Fauji Reporter without registering here?

Well it is possible to do so, if your blog or website or facebook page has rss feed allowed. To get assistance mail to contact@faujireporter.com

Q 8. How does my Article/ Reviews/ Paper/ Videos/ Blogs/ Promos gets included in E Paper?

News Letter in form of E Paper are circulated time to time ( weekly now and daily in future) to registered users and subscribers.  All published posts are included.

Q 9. How do I promote my book?

Fauji reporter provides a software driven tool to automatically promote published books to 10 globally known online websites for sales and promotion. Registered users with privilege of authors can do it themselves using tools or contact Fauji Reporter for same. Please note all registered users are given privilege of Authors and same is a reserved for expert writers.

Q 10. How do I create discussion in forums and research groups?

Fauji Reporter provides open platform for discussions in form of forums. Users can create topics in these forums and generate discussion. Tools for creation of research groups are also provided where in users can create groups with other users and carry out open or closed collaboration or discussions.

Q 11. I have an event and I wish to give a Press Release. How do I do it?

Fauji Reporter provides first of its kind military news service to military families. Simple click submit press release given in menu under Press Room. Fill forms and attach documents and pictures and submit. Fauji Reporter will not only publish your press release but also share it with other key news distribution agencies for national/ international distribution and publication.  Submit Press Release

Q 12. Does Fauji Reporter support private think tank groups and researchers.

Yes Fauji Reporter supports all such private initiatives. It has inbuilt tools to form private research and think tank groups and also for researchers. In case you wish to form one you can do it online or in case of problem please mail contact@faujireporter.com

Q 13. I wish to conduct discussions on key issues?

Yes Fauji Reporter can provide you all support and also publish your recorded discussions. Please contact us at contact@faujireporter.com

Q 14 I am a civilian but have interests in military natters and issues related to military families, Can I publish?

Yes Fauji Reporter encourages all such civilians and supports them fully.

Q 15 I am in def industry/ business or have some innovative idea to work on? How can Fauji Reporter help me?

Well, Fauji Reporter provides you a forum to promote your product/ services. In case of innovative ideas, Fauji Reporter can facilitate you to connect with expert groups who can guide you from user perceptive.

Q 16. Is it a Political Platform?

Politics covers every aspect of human life so Fauji Reporter can not be out of its sphere. However Fauji Reporter does not support or oppose any political ideology which is permitted under the law of the land. However we do not encourage political articles and views and give limited publication space only on key political issue and debates keeping party politics out of it.

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