Dear friends and esm association’s office bearers, 

Please read carefully. 

Many of you don’t know soon CPPCs of banks will stop pensions probably from 01 Apr 2020 and centrally pensions will be credited to your account by CDA Allahabad only. 

Presently 72 CPPCs by all banks and 50 DPDOs are handling 31 lakhs ESM pensioners issues. Now you will have one single CPPC at Allahabad handling all pension issues directly. I already posted ksb letter to RSBs . 

DG CDA Allahabad proposed in lastyear to Govt, that he can save handling charges by banks by him doing the same job. Govt thrust upon, KSB accepted responsibility with out taking feedback from RSBs. All directors RSBs have opposed. 

But Sec KSB felt otherway and not even conducted annual directors meet since 2017. ZSBs and DPDOs will act as pension service centres. 

I told them pension is specialised, even in CDAs, people who gained experience only handle even in State or Central Offices. Now DGCDA Allahabad, wants ZSB clerks to handle and liase with them. 

As ZSB clerk doesn’t know including ZSWO on pension ( types and categories)  maximum they will upload individual query and pray that your turn comes out of 31 lakhs ESM pensioners. 

He even wanted ZSBs to handle Def civilians also. It may add another 12-13 lakhs. DGCDA wants to create own empire and must have claimed 24/7 call centre will be set up  etc. 

In my view, this done without taking feedback from any ESM associations including six nationally recognised ESM associations. 

Unless, we all raise ESM difficulty to MoD/DMA under CDS, and through known Service Senior Officers and ESM Association’s by sending written letters to appropriate Political Leadership, this damage will be difficult to retrieve. 

Till 1990s, ESM used to get pension through State Treasuries and DPDOs. Then Bank System came and reasonably stabilized.  

People who are convinced can take a pen and represent to Central Government Authorities. 

Incidentally, the same DGCDA who said OROP is not fair and Heading the Committee on this issue. Please understand, he has direct link to PMO, hence top down approach in this issue. 

My duty is to inform ESM and you can judge what is good for you. 

You can check from other State ZSB staff , Colleagues and Friends, Retd officers.  

Commodore MVS Kumar retd, Fwd as received on WhatsApp

(Source : Via e-mail)

Source: Ex Servicemen Welfare

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  1. PCDA Allahabad could not even generate ePPOs correctly. One of the most lethargic outfits of the Government, it is going to ruin the lives of pensioners. Why it should take disbursal of only Armed Forces. Have they done a parallel dummy run ? Many of is pensioners live hand to.mouth . CDS will do sweet nothing! He is proposing to increase the service of Jawans to 58 years so that he can save the pension outgo of the Government of India heading for a 5 Trillion economy in five years. Veterans as of today have none to take up their issues. We are silently fighting OROP. But if a Jawan’s family on a remote village in Kumaon or Vellore fails to get the family pension, it will erupt like a valcano. This should be brought to the notice of PMO before a hell breaks lose.

  2. This is not a good idea to change pension handling from banks to Allahbad and to Zila Sainik Boards. Because Zila Sainik Boards are not able to handle even prensent work which is filling up forms etc then how can they handle pension matters. More over they dont handle computers etc so it will be chaos for pensioners to get their pensions. So better let it go on as it is now.

  3. I dought will CDA Allahabad be capable to get the pensions credited in time to the account of pensioners. I think staff with CDA Allahabad is insufficient and this will cause problem for pensioners. Moreover we want pensions to be credited in time to avoid any harassment.

  4. This will put the pension payments in Chaos. Government is happy enough to witness ESM remain starved. Lakhs of ESM and their families pulling on with pension, they sacrificed their youth for the country and those who remained in villages amassed wealth. Poor soldiers who come after discharge get a different treatment from civil population and kiths and kin. Later he finds pension as his substince. I request all concerned not to play with pension.

    Thomas Manimala
    Parathara ( Lenity)
    Manimala .686543
    Mobile : 9633492480

  5. Sir,
    ZSWO clowns are sitting and they are all controlled by their political masters. We don’t want state level officials to control our pension payments. Now bank is paying pension in a good manner and on the death of the pensioner family is getting very next day. DPDO takes two months to pay family pension after marking hell lot of paper works. Kindly do not get involve state level officials to pension payments. Jacob John ex Sgt.

  6. Sir.
    Your observations this regard is
    reasonable and at this belated stage,
    is there any chance to drop this proposal, as all most all preliminaries completed. Is not without the knowledge of our previous svcs chief, MoD, ESM dte.
    2.yes, let us see, if auth assns press on govt, to drop or modify proposal to improve the quality of services to the pensioners. I feel, chance is very remote. We have experince about ongoing OROP protest unheard for the last 1700 days completing tomorrow.

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