Iran admits worst ‘cyber attack in its history’ before latest failed satellite launch

Just hours before the launch, the country’s deputy information minister, Hamid Fatah confirmed the breach of the network. He tweeted: “Hackers today launched the most widespread attack in Iranian history against the country’s infrastructure.
“Millions of origin targeted millions of destinations and are seeking worldwide disruption to Iran’s Internet network.”

The attack occurred at the Imam Khomeini Spaceport.

The space centre has seen multiple failed launches and is believed to be a testing place for ballistic missile technology by the US.
Although Iran revealed the attack, it is unclear whether it caused the malfunction.
Iran news: Iran hit by devastating cyber attack (Image: GETTY)
Iran: The attempted satellite launch (Image: GETTY)
Defence Ministry space program spokesman Ahmad Hosseini said: “Stage-1 and stage-2 motors of the carrier functioned properly and the satellite was successfully detached from its carrier, but at the end of its path it did not reach the required speed for being put in the orbit.”

Iran suffered a similar failure in January 2019 while two other failed missions also occurred in the same year.

Although the attempts failed, the US believes the development of the rocket is to help Iran with its nuclear capabilities.

Last month, images were released of the spaceport which illustrated the upcoming launch.
Iran news: The wreckage of one of the attacks (Image: GETTY)
Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo has in the past claimed the purposes of the satellite are “interchangeable” with ballistic missile technology.

He said: “Such vehicles incorporate technologies that are virtually identical and interchangeable with those used in ballistic missiles, including intercontinental ballistic missiles.

“Today’s launch furthers Iran’s ability to eventually build such a weapon.”

In the last few months, tensions between Iran and the US hit a crisis point.
Iran: Tehran has suffered multiple failed launches (Image: middlebury institute of international studies)

Iran news: Pictures of the launch pad (Image: Middlebury Institute of international studies)

Following the death of Qassem Soleimani on January 3, the Islamic Republic hit back with a series of strikes on US bases in Northern Iraq.

Although there were no reported casualties, the Islamic Republic launched missiles towards the Irbil and Al Asad bases. 

In a further move which intensified relations, Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 was mistakenly shot down by Iranian missiles.

The Islamic Republic had initially denied the allegations before admitting the plane had been caught in the crossfire.
Cold War mapped (Image: Express)
The attack on the plane was widely condemned and protests against Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei erupted in the country’s capital.

UK ambassador, Robert Macaire, 53, was also detained for allegedly inflaming anti-government protests.

Mr Macaire returned to the UK for a brief time, although Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab called Iran’s behaviour a “flagrant violation of international law”.

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Iran admits worst ‘cyber attack in its history’ before latest failed satellite launch

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