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OROP ; REPLY -19.11.2019.


Source: Ex Servicemen Welfare
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4 thoughts on “OROP ; REPLY -19.11.2019.

  1. The Govt is not serious about OROP. The move to appoint committee headed by CGDA appears to be aimed at stopping the OROP altogether.Only recourse to filing of cases in the courts seems to be the solution, although it is a long drawn process. Many of us may not live that long.

  2. Who will bell the cat??
    The decision to constitute a committee involving ESMs has to be taken by the govt Babus — the very fellows who are conspiring to sabotage the OROP project being implemented!
    The politicians , now that they are in the ‘gaddi’ for the next 5 years, are busy with their own political chicanery .

  3. MOD will keep awaiting the report of the Committee on OROP . Once it comes they will keep studying it and then in all probability form another Committee to rationalise it. That is what they have done with the OMJC report. If the question was concerning the civil Babus, they would have done it immediately. Sad state of affairs under the present Govt which is really clueless as to what to do. The PM keeps announcing regularly that OROP has been given. If that be so why the need for Committees to implement it. The solution lies in including knowledgeable ESM in the Committee to expose the Babus. It is hoped that the Supreme Court provides the justice due because the PM/RM/FM are clueless what to do.

    1. Now why blame the bureaucracy or Govt ! When Veterans are struggling hard for removal of OROP anamolies ; implementation of 5 yearly OROP equalisation ; ECHS and other welfare issues ; COSC is simultaneously proposing to Govt to withdraw whatever small is earlier available , by imposing mass punishment , on their disabled veterans with complete tenures , inspite of their conditions certified by medical boards as “ attributable and aggravated during service “ by imposing tax on their disability pensions . Where is the logic ? Need to set our own home right . JAI HIND .

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